25 PS4 Games You Can Easily Complete in One Evening

Don't have time or not in the mood to play the latest epic game? Why not try one of these PS4 games that you can complete comfortably in one evening?

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GamesMaster19821169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I though Virginia was one of the most boring games i have ever played ( well apart from Gone Home ) but with one of the best soundtracks i also have ever heard.

Skull5211169d ago

“Easily” might be pushing it, but you could just list every PS4 exclusive here.

showtimefolks1169d ago


You can list vast majority of games you can finish in 24 hours atleast with exclusives you are having high AAA quality experience

PowerOfTheCloud1169d ago

No problem if you rather play low budget/quality bug fests in the likes of pubg for ages. To each their own i guess.
I replay these aaa sony masterpieces many, many times.

GamesMaster19821165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Ok bud so GOW, Horizon, The Last of Us etc are all boring games ?. Look I actually thought Virgina was ok but a bit boring sorry but that’s my 2 cents . But the music on Virginia keep me playing to the end it was amazing , especially the end tune that I liked so much as to put it in my iPod . Gone Home as described below was a good start with a whole different feeling ie spooky house in a storm. But turned out to be the complete opposite and a huge letdown.

chaosblades1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

My gripe with Virginia was the lack of ambience and how everything just kept moving so fast. I get that is how they purposely designed it, but it doesn't really gel well as an adventure game, if I can't do anything in such a short period of time. Yep, soundtrack was solid.

Gone Home was okay... too short. Went in blind playing it, was kinda expecting something different
(especially based on the game cover, constant thunder-storm, and dark corners of the house). My own fault, I guess. Not a terrible game, but I wouldn't pay more than $5.00 for it (paid $20 for the Steam version based on hype, and never got around to it. Paid $3.99 for PSN and yeah...)

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hoebagger1169d ago

This list seems pretty skewed towards walking simulators.

KillBill1168d ago

Doing the 8 pages of clicking so you don't have to. 3 games per page to get you to feed their click count for advertisers... shocked they actually allowed 4 games on the 8th page instead of putting the last game on its own page.
GameSpew and the like needs to be banned from N4G for add click revenue hunting. And they even have a link for each games reviews to allow you to support their click fest.

1. Firewatch
2. Virginia
3. The Little Acre
4. Asemblance
5. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
6. Gone Home
7. Gorogoa
8. Raging Justice
9. Tacoma
10. The Inpatient
11. The Invisible Hours
12. Fragments of Him
13. Don't Knock Twice
14. What Remains of Edith Finch
15. Late Shift
16. Blackwood Crossing
17. Parappa The Rapper Remastered
18. Three Fourths Home
19. Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
20. The Bunker
21. Bound
22. Abzu
23. Journey
24. Among the Sleep
25. The Park

Master of Unlocking1168d ago

Damn, there are lots of games I didn't know were on the PS4 in there. These are increasingly the sort of games I want to delve in. I believe that 2d game with the the cat in town (A night in the...?) could've been listed.