H1Z1: Battle Royale Open Beta, Live on PS4 Tomorrow - 11 Tips to Dominate

Hit the ground running when the battle royale begins.

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KilluaX3152d ago

Wasn't this a zombie game?

ocelot07152d ago

Yes then it had a Battle Royal mode added to it like 3 years ago. Then both the survival zombie mode and Battle Royal where split between 2 teams. Then both of them became separate games. H1Z1 the zombie game is now known as Just Survive.

P_Bomb152d ago

Ah, thx for the summary!

So is the OG H1Z1 (aka Just Survive) coming to console at some point? That’s the one I’d actually wanna try. I’m not a BR guy.

ocelot07152d ago

It was announced for PS4 years ago. But noting had been said since.

subtenko152d ago

I think ps4 WAS supposed to get zombies but that was told YEARS ago, your getting battle royal...better than nothin... I have both on PC, its fun.

cell989152d ago

So is PUBG gonna sue them too?

TheGamez100152d ago

This game came out years before pubg on pc at least on early access. The BR mode was about a year before.

blacktiger152d ago

this game came way before pubg friend,

subtenko152d ago

You mean are they gonna sue PUBG since I played H1Z1 battle royale years b4 PUBG came out no? k thx bye

WilliamSheridan152d ago

So wait, people said they have no interest in PUBG because they had Fortnite on PS4. But, H1Z1 is rolling out, from the maker of PUBG originally, and people are excited?

I'm so confused

KwietStorm152d ago

And as per usual, someone has to get on their virtual soapbox and act as if one article or even one person speaks for an entire community, just so they can be that guy. What is all this excitement you speak of?

ocelot07152d ago

How long did player unknown actually work on h1z1? Didn't seem all that long. It's also offering 60fps on PS4 Pro. Where PUBG is craply optimized and runs at 30fps (some times lower) on Xbox one x. So there is one very big reason I am excited to try h1z1 on PS4 tomorrow.

hit17388152d ago

It runs really good on the ps4 pro. I'm in the closed beta and enjoyed my time with it. Can't wait for tomorrow tho. I also have pubg on Xbox one s and that runs like hot garbage.

Rude-ro152d ago

Depends... see how it runs.
Hopefully not a hot mess like pubg on Xbox. And it’s an open beta... so free sounds better to find out how it runs.

neocores8055152d ago

telling you now. It runs amazing on a ps4 pro idk about a normal one but this game runs 100x better thenpubg on xbox

The7Reaper152d ago

I'm personally excited because the BR games can be tons of fun with friends but Fortnites building mechanics and cartoony graphics just don't do it for me.

Moe-Gunz152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Tried playing Fortnite the other day. We ambushed a guy and surprised him. Somehow this guy built an entire fortress is 1.2 seconds and killed us all. I was done after that. I rather something more grounded.

The7Reaper151d ago


Agreed. I hate getting the drop on someone in that game but still losing because they built the entire city of Rome in 0.6 seconds.

OffRoadKing152d ago

*some* people, fixed it for you.

neocores8055152d ago

YOU do know H1Z1 was coming to PS4 way before PUBG even came out so OBVI you dont know what ur talking about. Also PUBG will come to PS4 anyone thinking otherwise is dumb

blacktiger152d ago

IT'S the other way around, PUBG is from the maker of H1Z1, I had to correct that,

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Xavi4K152d ago

Can’t wait to try it!

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