How Gaming Ruins Relationships (And Why It Should Stop)

Gaming abuse is rampant these days. It needs to stop before it's too late. Think of the children!

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OmnislashVer36154d ago

Really could be applied to anything. Sports, movies, porn, drinking, whatever.

Gaming has nothing to do with it. The person is an ass to begin with.

zoopub152d ago

i like multiplayer games like rocket league and dota... its hard to pause those things.. communication in a relationship is important. however even if i communicate properly it is always an issue, unless they are a gamer themselves.

rdgneoz3152d ago

My gf only hates when I play rocket league when shes trying to sleep. Mainly from me be used as a pillow and the slight movements my body makes as I try to score goals :p. Got a pro recently and she loves it, as no more jet engine while she tries to sleep.

Spoticle152d ago

Took the words right outta my mouth, my friend.

Couldn't agree more.

Greyfoxdbz152d ago

Relationships ruin gaming. I mean have you seen the games coming in the future? Got no time for women.

Gh05t152d ago

What a bad way to address a serious issue. I dont know why I clicked it, I saw it was cheatcc and I clicked it anyways I guess I just like punishing myself.

jokerisalive152d ago

Respect a persons hobby/property. Period. I love gaming and for me it is an escape from the stress of daily life struggles. If my girlfriend ever threatened my hobby or wanted me to stop playing games then i would ask her to give up her smart phone she plays with all day. NEVER would happen. I respect her phone and she respects my games. She sits with me when i play and we chat just fine so I dont think i would have a problem. Also I dont neglect her for the games. I think that is the biggest reason things can go bad quick with a girlfriend or wife. They dont ever want to feel they are second place to a game system and I cant blame them for that. Just balance it all out and things are usually fine. Remember, women love to be the center of attention. THats just a reality.

Derceto152d ago

How about, How Gaming Creates Relationships, as a counter? Considering I know plenty of people who have met their significant others through.... *gasp* gaming. :o

Who knew, right?

jokerisalive152d ago

very true a good point. Gaming brings lots of people together.


Yeah that time will end haha. Honeymoon stages. Then the controlling get off your ass pay attention to me me me stage comes.

SurgicalMenace152d ago

Then you drop her like a bad habit. Why do I HAVE to deal with the crap you are giving me?

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The story is too old to be commented.