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In Dreams, gamers are able to make whatever they want. Players can capture their own voices and put together a video show within the game, they can make a chain of levels with cutscenes, and they can make their own music. This is truly the tip of the iceberg, which players can also make in the game.

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corroios154d ago

I think this will be something special and im glad sony doest pressure its studio to launch their games before they are ready.

UCForce154d ago

This is something that i’m very looking forward to.

RpgSama154d ago

It's a masterpiece in the make masterpieces!!

Can't wait to see what people comes up with this

bouzebbal154d ago

Mm earned Sony good money last gen and Sony is paying them back this gen i feel like.
I love lpb, one of the most original IPs ever.

DigitalRaptor154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

It's crazy to think it's spent like 6 years in development. Media Molecule is quite a profitable studio though from all that they've continued to accumulate from LBP DLC, so it does make sense that they are being given a lot of leeway to get such an ambitious and unique project right. If this was in development under other publishers, it would likely have been either pushed out way sooner than it was ready, or canceled years ago. I'm glad Sony acquired this studio.

WickedLester154d ago

This will bomb so hard and Media Molecule will be the next Sony developer on the chopping block.

Larrysweet154d ago

Yea cuz sonys devs are microsoft dont think so smh this may be bigger then minecraft

UCForce154d ago

Why ? Are you saying that MM should stick one franchise and milking it ? Seriously, give them a chance.

DigitalRaptor154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

You couldn't be more wrong.

Media Molecule is probably Sony's smallest studio, and they are also one of the most profitable given their size. They've generated insane profits for themselves and Sony through LittleBigPlanet transactions, and of the one project that they made that wasn't as successful as LBP (Tearaway) it was only made by a very small number of the studio (roughly 15 people). Their next project is being given so much time in development because of all these things. They have generated profits every year despite having not released a game in 3 years.

They are a valuable studio for Sony, so are their platform-defining creations, and are far from the chopping block.

In regards to it being a bomb, well this game has far bigger prospects than LittleBigPlanet because it goes way beyond 2.5-D platforming, and even beyond video gaming. and it's not difficult to see its creations going viral in a way that LBP couldn't possibly have done, especially considering how deep each of the individual tool sets are for artists and musicians who might see this as more than a game, but a way to express themselves to a bigger audience. It's also going to be a VR showcase, finding an audience for those players too. I think it has a way better chance to succeed than to fail.

johndoe11211154d ago

Let me help you write that comment to mean what you REALLY wanted it to say:

"I HOPE this will bomb so hard and Media Molecule will be the next Sony developer on the chopping block. It'll make me feel so much better for pledging my life to the failure that is microsoft".

There ya go, no need to thank me.

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