Dreams PS4 Delivers Unlimited Possibilities

From PlayStation Universe: "We go hands on with Dreams PS4, which is a fantastic experiment that will give the power of creation to anyone who who wants to wield it. Easy to use and hard to master Dreams should be on every creationist's radar, and will arrive in VR on day-one."

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Foxhound922242d ago

Wow, this sounds like such a unique experience.

THC CELL242d ago

Brilliant game I played it a few times due to work and vr content demo was amazing creators will be happy

DigitalRaptor242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Everyone seems to have been sleeping on Dreams (no pun intended).

I don't think many are ready to understand what they mean by "unlimited". I'm so eager to just explore this game and experience all the wacky, fun ideas that millions of people will be creating whether it's games of all genres, art pieces, music, sculpts and so much more. An unlimited source of vivid inspiration that goes way beyond the traditional video game. VR space is going to give it a whole different lease of life as well.

Media Molecule is made up of such incredible creative talent.

zeuanimals241d ago

Incredible technical talent too.