What Makes a Great Idle Animation? Devs Share Their Favorites

From Rocket Knight Adventures to Ristar to Shantae, developers celebrate their favorite idle animations in games -- and how those little glimpses of character breathe life into virtual worlds.

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PhoenixUp808d ago

All of them

It’s amazing the amount of work developers will put in for something most players won’t ever see

strayanalog808d ago

I actually enjoyed them all in any game I played as a kid. I remember always taking a moment in any title to see the idle animations, and truthfully I still do.

One game's idle animation not listed, and should have been, is Conker's Bad Fur Day. That squirrel had so many it was insane. I remember off-hand that he drank something, hummed impatiently, looked at a porno mag, played Gameboy, juggled, yo-yoed, and possibly my favorite, checking his watch and saying: "nope, I still can't tell time."‎