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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Many had thought that the zombie craze died out years ago alongside games like Dead Island and The Walking Dead (wait, that’s still on?!) however it seems like the undead will keep plaguing us forever thanks to games like the recently released State of Decay 2, and that’s a good thing. In this sequel to the 2013 game the world is still ravaged by the undead and it’s up to you and your motley band of survivors to… well survive. Of course there’s a lot more to State of Decay 2 than just staying alive against zombie hordes and the game adds plenty of new elements over the original to freshen up the experience, but is it enough to entice folks to face the undead all over again?"

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Prettygoodgamer176d ago

Well there isn't much to say really this is about average for this game now it seems, I wonder what the 2 or 3 sites that gave it a 9 were smoking when every other review says it's a bug ridden mess. I was looking forward to trying this out on pc but I'm gonna wait a while and see if patches fix it.

Jinger176d ago

From my experience so far, the bugs in single player are few and far between. I have run into a handful of small glitches, but nothing game breaking.

The big buggy issue is in the co-op which is unfortunate since that is the main addition most SoD fans were waiting for.

I'd just wait for a few patches then hop in tbh