Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version announced for Switch, launches this coming week

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version is coming to Switch, Capcom has announced.

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AngainorG7X148d ago

Better than nothing i guess

naruga148d ago

this abysmal game was a failure for Capcom (fairly i will say) ...they will release it even to 3DS in order to gain some profit

djsilke45148d ago

So its Capcom's fifth best selling game ever with 5.1 million units sold but it was a failure....ok

naruga148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

though may had some Hyped sales , s a failure for Capcom for many other reasons also ....the game had huge controversial reaction from players that didnt like this new crappy thing to be called RE ....Capcom in some way ruined one of its core franchise for the fans no matter the sales ....(smthing like DmC remake) .... htis is a fact and Capcom knows it,thats why they try at least to gain some more money before they erase it completely from their history

Nyxus148d ago

@ naruga: actually, many people liked RE7.

Shiken148d ago

RE6 was a failure. RE7 was a successful title both commercial and critically.

Kokyu148d ago

Im a fan and I think it was a fresh take and I loved the VR. You're obviously disappionted but the game is a hit not a failure no matter how bad you want it to be.

CrimsonWing69148d ago

Um, not to be mean but do you research anything before you make a claim? You’re pretty wrong about this gane’s Success also this is the closest Modern RE game to classic RE games ever since RE4 changed it up.

Also, as a looooooong Time RE fan I absolutely loved this game.

Dark-soul148d ago

noticed that almost everyone dislikes with you? out of 25 people 24like the game and 1 not. maybe you are failure???

XbladeTeddy148d ago

"this abysmal game was a failure for Capcom"

It's a fantastic horror game. WTF you on about? Oh that's right, you not played it just being a bellend.

naruga148d ago

@ Dark Soul ...then go play the game again man if you loved it so much ....(i doupt if you ever finished that BS but still you post in favour of it

Tazzy148d ago

The main thing here is where you say (FAIRLY I WILL SAY) that's your opinion the game got good reviews people like it some don't that goes for any game that comes out.

CorndogBurglar148d ago

Oh look. Naruga is making baseless negative comments about Resident Evil 7 again. Go figure....

nowitzki2004148d ago


I think you forgot the /s

Monkeycan8147d ago

Resident Evil 7 was one of my favorite games of 2017. I’ve replayed it 4 times and I’ve done the speed run trophy. I plan on getting the platinum when I get time. Everyone I know who’s played it loved it.

Babadook7147d ago

"this abysmal game was a failure for Capcom (fairly i will say) ...they will release it even to 3DS in order to gain some profit"

lol. Full retard mode detected.

Homushi147d ago

You must be a troll. RE7 is an amazing game, and one of the best RE games they've made in recent years. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here. Game sold very well, and was very well received. An excellent game.

hamzilla147d ago

Your the only failure I see here. 5th best selling Capcom game ever if thats a failure to you then you need to seek help FAST.....

hamzilla147d ago

I think I get it now... Prob a Xbox user that is jelly that PC/PS4 users get to play the game in VR mode. Makes sense why it thinks this is a "failure" which it totally is NOT

Sm00thNinja147d ago

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.... Whatsoever. Stop

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SR388148d ago

Having a disease is better than this news

micdagoat19148d ago

I liked Resi 7 and DMC remake. They're just different doesnt mean then are bad games at all.

Heavenly King147d ago

they are good games; but they are not good RE and DMC games.

Shiken147d ago

DMC remake was not a bad game, it just does not need to exist in that form. If it were a new IP with the same gameplay, it woukd not have received the hate that it did.

I had and have no interest in DMC remake...what I want is a legit DmC5.

RE7 was an evolution for the franchise similar to how RE4 was. It did not reboot the franchise like DMC remake did, just like how GoW4 changed gameplay while keeping the eatablished lore. That is how you revive a franchise. Full reboots are almost never the answer.

micdagoat19147d ago

I had Never played DMC so maybe that's why I didn't care as much. I had fun with it. I'm going to get the collection soon so ill try it out

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narsaku148d ago

Where's that PC VR version?

I don't want to buy the ghetto VR version please.

lodossrage148d ago

Since it's been out since January of 2017, you had no intention of buying the "ghetto VR version" in the first place if you hadn't by now have you?

No need to act like you're "forced" when you weren't going to buy it anyway.

Profchaos148d ago

Ghetto version made me shit my pants hate psvr or love it re7 in vr is unrivalled in vr scares

MuddyWaters148d ago

Sony has managed to invest well by creating an atmosphere that they offer the best platform to play on. You limit crossplay, that way they can promote online on the PS4 as being the best place to play with people online. You pay for VR exclusive rights to RE7 and then you can promote VR is best to play on the PS4. You pay for DLC and other exclusive items for games like Destiny 2 and you create an illusion the PS4 is the best place to play third party titles.

See, once you eliminate the competition then you offer the best experience by default.

fr0sty147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Ghetto VR? You mean the one that has outsold the PC counterparts 2:1 and has a far better game library that consists of far more top rated games including dozens of exclusives you can't get anywhere else?

WickedLester148d ago

That "ghetto version" as you call it is one of the best VR experiences to be had right now. Get over yourself.

WeAreLegion148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

As an owner of both Vive and PSVR, you're kind of an idiot.

Aggesan148d ago

Hold on, have another smoke. Some day some hacker might make it possible for you!

ocelot07148d ago

Just out of curiosity what VR headset do you actually own?

PurpHerbison147d ago

You hardly said anything in your comment and got defensive replies. Why are people so sensitive?

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strayanalog148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

So you need the internet (obviously), 45 MB, and know Japanese. You can play the game for up to 15 minutes for free, but after that, you have to pay ¥2,000 ($18 USD) for a "ticket" that lets you play for 180 days.

So, Capcom, since when do you and Konami drink together and make poor decisions?

Xavi4K148d ago you will have to pay 18$ and you won’t even own the license for the game...thanks but no thansk I prefer to play this on my ps4.

Gemmol147d ago

I do not want to own every game, if this happens with more games you know how much i can save

blawren4147d ago

6 months to complete a game should be enough for anyone. Not everyone wants to own a game they will never play again. If it works, I'm for it.

Eidolon147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I'm done with a game once I 100%, some I won't even come back to after playing right through. In 180 days, 20+ people can beat it in that amount of time. Why TF do you need to own it? Good reasons besides default "Because I bought it it should be mine" BS, who said they're selling you the license.

wonderfulmonkeyman148d ago

This is NOT what Switch gamers want, Capcom...
Jesus, if you can make the game fit on the Switch, just put the whole game on a card, or even just make it digital, and SELL the damned thing!

Knushwood Butt148d ago

Capcom don't way to cough up the cost of a Switch card.

Kokyu148d ago

Thats the point I think, it wont fit.

Concertoine147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Game only takes up 26 gigs on xbone iirc. Game would probably run at 720p on switch - that can be compressed to fit on a switch rather easily.

Im kinda confused what switch gamers will be playing... its not running on the switch if its in the cloud...

Kokyu147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Actually as the game was orignially designed around VR maybe that has something to do with it.

gangsta_red148d ago

I think the point here is that with this, the Switch can possibly start getting the multiplats that they are missing out in because of hardware limitations.

I wouldn't be too mad at this considering what Capcom is trying to offer Switch owners.

Segata148d ago

One problem with that. RE7 can run on Switch. Capcom specifically requested that Nintendo put 4GB of ram so Switch could run it. Nintendo obliged. Capcom is just a company that can't stop itself from making stupid decisions for many years now.

jmc8888147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Can it? Or was it only possibly possible if they had 4gb. Perhaps they tried and couldn't get it working good enough.

Ram isn't power, it's memory. More ram doesn't make a system more powerful.

ChickeyCantor147d ago

They are playing on the japanese market which is weird when it comes to online services.

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