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"Ni No Kuni II abandons all of the quirkiness and uniqueness the first game had and in the process loses its identity. Ni No Kuni II manages to be worse than its predecessor in every way possible"

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thorstein243d ago

Every review you write, From Monster Hunter World to South Park to this game is just a complete cryfest. If you are such an expert on gaming, make your own game. If not, give it a rest. No one cares that you hate great games.

Your opinion means nothing. (Irony alert! Neither does my opinion of your opinion.)

However, you certainly prove that no one, but no one will ever build a statue to critics.

Cheer up.

solideagle243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

And these journalists are supposed to be professionals...any jackass can make a site and review these days.
All the hard work by devs goes to gutter because this kid didnt like it and its "his opinion" dragging meta down or give false info to the game for what it is than what its prequel was...

Mister_Wolf243d ago

So if someone can't make a game they shouldn't have an opinion on what they thought about a game they played?


solideagle242d ago

they can have opinion but giving 55 when its averaging 85 is silly...

thorstein242d ago

That is correct. But, if we follow said logic:

So if someone can read a review they shouldn't have an opinion on what they read about a game that was reviewed?


phoenixwing243d ago

It's a good game, being the edgy low review isn't getting a click from me.

P_Bomb243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Wow. This review is just spray and pray, but manages to do it in a vague enough way that doesn’t convince me he even played it. And *I* haven’t even played it lol, so I should be the easiest to convince!

I’m paraphrasing but it’s basically “everything sucks, from that rock over there, to that guy I won’t name, to that riff in that spot that’s always sucked, to the script parts without VO which I don’t mind in every other game that has them except this one, to I didn’t like the first game either and didn’t care while I played this one, it will put you to sleep”

You don’t justify or give examples of anything. What if it doesn’t put me to sleep? Define “special”. Why is there enough content but not enough? What will put me to sleep? If it doesn’t will you redact lol? Why does this need a higher difficulty when you already struggled with gameplay in the first one? What’s this one gimmick you say all the characters rely on? You don’t even say what it is lol

DA_SHREDDER243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Part one was an amazing game, which isn’t saying much considering last GEN really was mostly about multiplayer games, but that being said I appreciated part one and I really liked it a lot, but this game, Man I was so disappointed, I figured it being on the PS4 and as good as the first one was that it would be nothing short of amazing, it was the weirdest game I played in a long time, such a shame because final fantasy has change so much you can’t tell if it’s even Final Fantasy anymore same goes for dragon quest, Oh well onto the next one

Elda243d ago

I've played an hour of it & it's charming so far.Seeing that score I didn't bother giving it a click.

RememberThe357243d ago

I'm about 10 hours in and I really like it. It's a throwback to those PS2 JRPGs.

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The story is too old to be commented.