Grand Theft Auto 4's Open World Is Still Fantastic 10 Years Later

On the tenth anniversary of GTA IV, we take a look back on Rockstar Games' seminal open world game set in Liberty City.

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PhoenixUp245d ago

I hated the driving physics of this game cuz it made it so much easier to crash

Profchaos244d ago

It actually took skill to drive it was great

Movefasta1993244d ago

Way better driving physics than gta5, but people hated it and rockstar gave them why they wanted

YodaCracker244d ago

I loved the driving physics. It was my favorite part of the game. The cars felt like they had weight and were actually connected to the road, along with every bump or pot hole, rather than just gliding above it. It all felt very natural to me. And the crash deformation was amazing.

I can still see where the people who didn’t like it were coming from. The turning radius was very wide and it had more of a learning curve than the arcadey driving they were used to from previous GTA games.

Although they did dial back the realism a bit for GTA V, I still enjoyed the driving in that game as well. I was mostly disappointed by the nerfed vehicle damage, which they nerfed even more dramatically in the next gen versions to accommodate the first person view in vehicles. The sides and hood could no longer get crushed as severely because it would obstruct the cockpit view.

ClanPsi1244d ago

You mean you hate realism? The driving physics were amazing.

CrimsonIdol244d ago

Is it *that* hard to believe people dislike realism in their video games? The driving physics weren't realistic anyway, nothing like driving a real car, everything felt like driving a bus or something. GTA 5's driving wasn't any more realistic but it was more fun.

ClanPsi1244d ago

@CrimsonIdol: No, you're actually quite wrong. Anyone who has ever driven a car in real life then will know that the driving physics in GTA IV are actually really good. Some cars, modelled after cars in real life which I have actually driven, handle almost exactly the same as I have personally experienced.

CrimsonIdol244d ago

"No, you're actually quite wrong. Anyone who has ever driven a car in real life then will know that the driving physics in GTA IV are actually really good" ...hang on, what? Hate to prick your balloon but I've been driving daily for 15 years and I reckon the physics are pretty *off*, pretty sure I'm not the only one either. It was a fairly common complaint, if you were old enough back then to remember. It was "more realistic" than previous GTAs, but that doesn't mean it was realistic. And it was certainly less fun.

ClanPsi1243d ago

@CrimsonIdol The complaints for everyone except you have been that the physics are TOO realistic. They don't want a Gran Tourismo experience while playing GTA, they want more arcade-like driving because crashing so easily while swerving in and out of traffic was frustrating for most people. That's a fair argument to make. Saying the physics are unrealistic is just ridiculous.

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BitbyDeath244d ago

Cars handled like shopping carts with a bung wheel. If that’s real life then you’re probably long overdue for a service.

ClanPsi1243d ago

The older ones did, yes, as they should. For example, have you ever driven a Dodge Charger before? Because I have. I own a 1968 R/T and I can guarantee 100% that the car representing a Charger in GTA IV handles almost exactly the same.

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Vandamme21245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I love GTA4. One of my favorite game last generation. I beat this game at least 4 times. It just to bad I could not get into GTA5. I was disappointed with that game.

Ciporta1980244d ago

Same here. I am one of the few who didn't like GTA 5 at all but really like 4. Almost everything is better about 4, including the 2 pieces of single player doc we got for it.

rynodigital245d ago

Watching those GTA IV vs GTA V physics videos make me so sad as to what could've been.

Kosic244d ago

I played very little of GTA 4 I grew bored after the girlfriend mission and never played much further. Think twice it's around this point.

I should make some time to play it properly.

Profchaos244d ago

Yeah I get that it featured like 15 missions which just dragged on in the early stage of the game which I would class as tutorial missions before sending you to the good stuff. Once that part was done though it was the best gta Imo

Smokehouse244d ago

I didn’t like gta 4 at all.

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