Introducing Xbox Ideas, Driven by You

Nathan writes: "Hello Insiders! Those of you who have been following the blog for the last few months will recognize me from previous posts about Xbox Feedback, our site dedicated to using your suggestions to direct new features and updates based on your ideas.

Today I’m here to announce that Xbox Feedback is improving and moving: Xbox Feedback is now Xbox Ideas! If you’ve already been to the new Xbox Ideas site, you might notice that the site feels familiar. We’re continuing to use the UserVoice platform to collect your ideas, but—in order to maximize the impact of your suggestions—we are changing how you submit your ideas by introducing the concept of Idea Drives."

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lxeasy152d ago

Glad to see they are taking this serious

strayanalog152d ago

Definitely good to see Microsoft step-up their feedback game. I would imagine users could bring some great things to the table.

TheCommentator152d ago

The reason we 've seen so many positive HW/OS changes is because MS has had this service in place for several years already, but I do like the update to how the service functions.

TheCommentator152d ago

When the Idea Drive Campaign was first mentioned I thought it was going to be something that appeared on the XBL dashboard that encouraged the entire Xbox community to participate in the third phase. That would make the most sense as the voting process would cover the entire target audience instead of just a sample.

Universal 08152d ago

I have an idea, make Project Gotham Racing 5!!!

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