Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is More Enjoyable Than Breath of the Wild

The Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is more enjoyable than Breath of the Wild, despite not being a proper Zelda game. It has a better story, better characters, better music, and is everything Zelda should be.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

That's all very very subjective, but it's definitely a unique opinion.
I love both, but seeing as how one's a repetitive Warriors title and the other's a sprawling open world adventure, I can't really put them on the same level.
Much as I'm enjoying myself with HW DE, I wouldn't trade in BotW for it.
I also wouldn't say that it's "everything a Zelda game should be.", as it lacks any sort of dungeons at all whereas BotW has plenty of mini-dungeons and 4 bigger ones, and the combat style in HWDE is a fairly big departure from what Zelda combat usually is.

Also, as much as I love HWDE's music, I can also quite appreciate the way BotW approaches its own style of music.
Around populated areas or significant locations, you've got appropriate music, but when out in nature, it's nature that takes over the sounds most of the time, punctuated only by brief melodic instrument notes on occasion. [unless you start riding a horse, then two different variations of a riding theme may play]

HWDE is full of remixes that, while they fit the Warriors style, would feel more than a little awkward in a proper Zelda title.

All that said, I'm enjoying the heck out of HWDE, and being a Warriors title with tons of grinding to do, for weapons, characters, and the my fairy system on top of finding skulltulas, food, mats, and hearts/pieces amongst other things, it's true that it will naturally have more content to sink one's teeth into, though that content might be repetitive to the point of boring for some people.

I plan to complete this version as close to 100% as possible, but it's going to take a long while, and I plan to take my time doing it.

Old McGroin1950d ago

You seem to know your stuff. Thinking of buying the new warriors game and your summary has helped, thanks 🖒

MasterChief36241950d ago

Breath of the Wild's shrines were an awful idea, in my opinion. Exactly zero of them stand out above any other (except the frustrating ones that force motion controls), and they're just not satisfying to get through most of the time. And the combat shrines grind everything to a severe halt. The 4 massive dungeons are much more in line with what I consider good choices for the game, but it's too bad there are only 4. The one that had body segments you could manipulate to open new areas was my favorite. I think it's the Urbosa one?

I can see why they chose to do the myriad shrines, and also why they didn't even try to differentiate them or make any of them stand out. It's a vast open world that they want you to explore, and the satisfaction should come from finding the shrines, further bolstered by completing them. And I do think it would take too much time to make each one different from the other. But I would take less shrines with more distinguishing features and slightly longer lengths, over the tons we get that have one or two mini puzzles within.

Taking away the shrines altogether in favor of traditional dungeons jeopardizes the exploration in the game, I understand that. Without those shrines, there would be Korok seeds to find, and memories... While there are 900 seeds, going on a hunt for those would not be as conducive to a fun open-world experience, at least in my opinion. So I propose they cut the shrines down by 20 or 30% at the very least, expand the ones that are left. I think that's a reasonable ask.

Zeldafan641950d ago

Trying to figure out how to get some of those gold skulltulas is very tiresome. I've put over 300 hours into HW on Wii U and I've only gotten about 100 of the 160.

senorfartcushion1950d ago

I'm on level 4 of the prologue and only just found my first.

I didn't know you had to dig for them lol

I just went to the spider's web with my arms out like a spoilt child.

Lord_Sloth1950d ago

I personally found BotW to be an excellent concept for the series but nothing more. With nothing beyond 4 side-quests, the main boss fight, and a bunch of little extras the game felt rather hollow. Just my opinion on it. I'm eager to see where this direction takes them but this felt more like a glorified preview than a full Zelda game.

Lord_Sloth1949d ago

The fights to get the help in the final boss fight. I believe there's 4 of them.

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narsaku1951d ago

Hey w/e floats your boat bud.

People here like all sorts of wack shit, like interactive movies, so why not?

WillyC0091950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I know right? Some people are claiming to enjoy sea of thieves and state of decay 2. Not sure how that's possible. They're horrific honestly.

HeyHeyHeyGaming1951d ago

I think both games are great in their own ways. They are different genres but thrive in what they set out to accomplish. HW is the best in its series and BOTW can be seen as one of the best as well. It’s mostly up to the player and what they’re searching for. In this case the story is a main focus and HW has a bit more to offer in that respect.