As A Disabled-Gamer, The Xbox Adaptive Controller Is A Dream Come True.

Andrew from Xbox Enthusiast talks about the importance of the Xbox Adaptive controller, how having a disability has affected his gaming, and how the new controller will not only help those who have trouble playing but also introduce video games to people with disabilities for the first time.

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Xavi4K154d ago

Well done Microsoft everyone have the right to game I’m sure this product will bring a smile to a lot of people around the world.

Aceman18153d ago

I give MS all the credit in the world for creating this, but for everything else they need to show me something better.

roland82153d ago

Other than exclusives what else do they need to do better? They already have the most powerful console, solid online, great controller options, great 3rd party support.

Septic153d ago

"Other than exclusives what else do they need to do better? "


Aceman18153d ago

Septic a lot, I'm not with the GAAS route personally so one thing.

Another is letting their studios have complete freedom to make whatever the hell they want. Cause lord knows I'm tired of seeing halo, forza, and gears.

What has that power gotten them with their last two exclusives releases?

No Way153d ago

Septic, at the end of the day, I still have plenty to play, whether its BC games I missed on the 360, exclusives, or 3rd party. My xbox still gets plenty of use - as does my PS4 for their exclusives.

Septic153d ago

Everything you're alluding to is exclusives. So it really is just that.

AmstradAmiga153d ago

Perfect question. It's why at the moment I say PS4 for exclusives and XB1X for everything else.

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Fist4achin153d ago

Agreed. Big kudos to MS for putting this together.

gamer7804154d ago

can't believe an official Sony twitter made fun of the controller... then some people tried defending it on the now deleted tweet. Thats like making fun of someones prosthetic leg or wheelchair....

Razzer153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Well.....the guy in charge of that twitter account will probably lose his job. Such a stupid, classless thing to do.

UCForce153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

That’s just unprofessional from Sony. I can bet the guy who tweeted it just got fire for it.

Prince_TFK153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

People usually won’t get fired over things like this. He/she most likely get a reprimand only.

Cmv38153d ago

Sony isn't a person. It's unprofessional by the person who did it.

TheUndertaker85153d ago

@Cmv38: Who was hired to do a job on behalf of Sony. Therefore becomes a voice for Sony.

ImGumbyDammit153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

@Kun_ADR If the shoe was on the other foot Microsoft would fire him. Case in point, remember Adam Orth? He was a Creative Director at Xbox that made some tweets about those complaining about "always on" rumors with the Xbox One. Not even really insulting more telling people to join the 21st-century type of tweets. However, Microsoft was smart to distance themselves by removing him from the company because he was both a negative distraction and insulting possible future Xbox One owners. What this marketing manager did was way worst he insulted a class of people not just some people about a feature on a rumored device at the time. And doesn't he know deleting a tweet doesn't solve the problem he started? Just the fact he was a marketing manager and did one would have thought Sony would have booted him minute this happened, a guy who definitely should know better because he did the opposite of what his job title says - unless this type of negative PR is good for Sony. I think if Sony knew what was good for the PS and Sony PR in general (because they will be associated with this guys repsonse about this device) they would be smart to remove him, if not fire at least remove this person away from his current company role and to a far-off place that does not have internet access.

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Phoenix76153d ago

Can it actually be confirmed if it came from Sony? All I can see is a pic in Arabic text with a user name amir151. Don't even believe his is affiliated with Sony. Just checked his twitter account and saw xbox just under profile

ShottyatLaw153d ago

You're looking at the account of the person who screen capped it.

TheUndertaker85153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

“PlayStation Mid East

ArabiaGtx originally posted about the Adaptive Controller
ArabiaGtx Twitter

Razzer153d ago

If you look further then it is pointed out that the tweet was made regarding the leaked image of the controller before it was revealed that is was intended for gamers with disabilities. Tweet was on May 14, device officially announced three days ago. Awkward, but good it was deleted. Really isn't a need for a big deal to be made about it. But.....some are going to make a big deal about it anyway.

AspiringProGenji153d ago

''thank god i am on the green side''


Razzer153d ago

''thank god i am on the green side'' Fake outrage that is really just about green vs blue.

ShottyatLaw153d ago

Not sure about Playstation ME's Twitter feed, but all of the leaks I saw still pointed toward it being for disabled gamers on May 14th.

The real takeaway is the same thing we told Greenberg all these years: Leave the fanboy nonsense to the kids, not a corporate rep. You never know when your attempt to poke fun at the competition will make you look like a douche.

Razzer153d ago

Well, it looks like they were poking fun at the image, not the concept, but you are right that they made themselves look bad regardless. Very much in the same vein as Greenberg’s antics. A little bit of research before a thoughtless tweet can save a lot if embarrassment.

shiva1153d ago

If xbox made a comment on the PSVR.... Nice set of googles for the blind, wish it was untethered so the blind can walk....and co-incidentally you have a blind relative.... You would look for the same reasons to brush off or would you act differently?

Show some respect

Razzer153d ago

Oh please. That isn’t even remotely similar in comparison. Your fake outrage is pathetic

Kiwi66153d ago

Oh but had it been Sony that made the product and an ms employee made a tweet like that about it no doubt you wouldn't brush it off

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rainslacker153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

That tweet was made based on the image of the controller alone. At the time of the leak, it wasn't known that the controller was for those with disabilities.

It was tasteless just from a competitive stand point, but it wasn't distasteful because Sony was being insensitive towards those with disabilities. The context of the post is about as lame as the George Foreman Grill references from the PS3 days. Stupid, but not actually insensitive.

If you're going to start posting this tweet in every thread on the subject at least get the context right. The fact that 21 people agreed with you with no further research into the matter is even more sad. What's even more sad is that I know that for years to come, people will be refuting this same claim, as people will continue to use it as why Sony is evil.

All you're doing is being insensitive by trying to make this into a console war thing, and this isn't something that should happen, as stuff like this should be encouraged and supported by the community as a whole in order to help bring more people into gaming. You're false outrage is only exhibited by your false equivalency of this being akin to making fun of someone with a disability. All you care about is finding a reason to show Sony in a negative light, and not actually talk about the positives that this controller can bring. If you really cared, you'd go to Sony's twitter or forums and ask them if they're working on something as well, or when they're going to start working on something like it.

As much as people would call me a Sony fan boy, I am 100% behind MS on this controller, or any other thing they may come up with to bring more people into gaming, because I know that it means they'll make it work at a system and SDK level. That's a huge plus in terms of accessibility controllers, and MS has a long history of adding in accessibility functions and features into their products.

gamer7804153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Not true. Leaks said controller for accessibility for disabled gamers. It was distasteful, period.

rainslacker152d ago

The original leak was just an image. What the controller was for wasn't mentioned. Sony's tweet was promptly after that. It wasn't until after that it was made known that it was for disabled people, at which time, the tweet was deleted.

In any case, even if what you say is true, one tweet, from one person isn't indicative of an entire company somehow being complacent with such an attitude. You're attitude is the same crap that tries to ride a company when they don't agree with someone, and pressure a company to take extreme measures for a lack of judgement. At best, it can be said this one person is a dolt, because I don't see Sony, or any company, as a whole being disrespectful towards anyone in such a vitriolic nature.

One last thing. Making fun of the controller's appearance, is in no way akin to being disrespectful or dismissive towards people with disabilities.

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ChronoJoe153d ago

I bet some able bodied players could benefit from this flexibility too. For instance, it looks like you can use some of those buttons as foot-pads. That could be used to create some pretty neat multi-tasking...

paintedgamer1984153d ago

Im happy ms have reached out and made a controller that is a dream come true for you... bravo ms bravo thanks for this but can we now focus on games? Can we all agree as an xbox community this is a wonderful idea and show of faith by ms but now we have enough controllers and perepherials... now focus on games... GAMES. not power, not 3rd party marketing deals, not anything but AAA 1st party games.

SirJoJo153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Whst a vile individual you are

81BX153d ago

I refuse to believe the 1984 in your handle is your year of birth. Not with such an out of touch comment. If it is.... then act your age sir!

rainslacker153d ago

Maybe take that kind of talk to the 100's of other articles that are about MS lack of games, and let the accessibility controller get some focus instead of being brought down by the console war?

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