Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Switch screenshots

New batch of screenshots for Wolfenstein II on Switch.

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Segata247d ago

It's not going to give PS4 or PC versions a run for their money but still pretty remarkable how nice it looks for something so small. Long gone are the days of Turok 2 on N64 and Turok 2 on Game Boy Color being vastly different games.

TeamIcoFan247d ago

Agreed, but the fanboys on both sides are still gonna trash it and hold it to impossibly high standards rather than be impressed that it's running as well as it is with no compromises to gameplay on what is essentially a handheld with a TV out option.

showtimefolks247d ago

While I agree what they have accomplished is smacking on switch but I have an issue with Nintendo who again and again release under powered consoles

cpayne93247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

@showtimefolks to have a more powerful switch would be nice but then the console would cost more money. It would be boring if they just released another console like the ps4/xbone, the switch is a cool and convenient device to have. I had a problem with the specs of the wii u but with the switch it makes sense.


@showtimefolks- How is that any different from Sony and Microsoft releasing underpowered gaming platforms compared to the PC?

Kumakai247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

we hold them to high standards because thats where the standards are. consoles can do more than what the switch can do so thats the bar. as for being impressed, sure. its impressive that they got a game to look decent on super old hardware specs, but I'd rather be impressed by the graphics at the caliber thats possible on current spec, not the skills of a dev shoehorning a game into weaker hardware when he/she could be putting that effort into more amazing graphics on current spec hardware.... If switch wants to be a true competitor without an "effort handicap" then thats how it is. Drivers don't win races just for participating.

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SR388246d ago

Haha for a thing a bit bigger than a phone it's amazing... Just remember graphix aren't everything it's how it performs... I want turok on Switch!!!

Femto247d ago

Doesn't look half bad but that second screenshot is from a pre-rendered cutscene iirc

Matpan247d ago

I haven´t played this shooter yet. Mainly cause it did not grab much my attention and I now live in Germany and I did not want the censored version (allegedly it is just the swastikas and some other character?) still I skipped it... but now that it is coming to swithch I may give this playing a full blown FPS mobile and see where it goes...

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