Treyarch Says There Are No Plans for Black Ops 4 on Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, it looks like there are currently no plans to bring any aspect of Black Ops 4 to Nintendo’s new handheld hybrid.

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DeadSilence177d ago

Why am I not surprised lol

JaguarEvolved177d ago

99 percent of multiplatform games being released this year won't be on Nintendo switch and it'll be that way until the end of it's lifecycle. A lot of silly people are going to quickly pay for switches online system when it's utter rubbish but justify it by saying it's cheaper than psn and xbl when those networks have a lot more to offer. The online systems on these consoles should be free like it is on pc and I don't agree with these pay to play online networks but the switches online program is utter rubbish. There'll be a handful of games to play online on switch and you can even communicate with people on the switch. Even if switches online system was 5 quid it would still be too much

DJK1NG_Gaming176d ago

False. If you think western games are the only multiplatform games then you clearly know nothing about the Switch upcoming lineup.

Because you are already wrong.

Prince_TFK175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Yes I believe that online should be free as well but if you think that the Switch only have a handful of games to play online, you are dead wrong pal. On the top of my head, games that can be played online are Mario Kart, Splatoon, Arm, Smash, Metriod, Pokken, possibly Pokemon, and other unannounced titles. Plus, this is only exclusive games, there are still other 3rd party games such as Rocket League, Fifa, NBA2K, and Doom.

paintedgamer1984175d ago


Id say 75%, the switch is a beacon for indies and lesser 3rd partys. Most cartoon kids games and indies run extremely well on the platform and those games dont need this over the top online infrastructure. Do i want more and better? Sure... but im seeing where the switches place is in 2018 and beyond and frankly... it looks much much MUCH brighter than that of the xb1. All i wanted from nintendo was something different from the ps4 and xb1 annd nintendo 1st partys. So far they are delivering that in spades. The issues i have dont seem to be an issue with the possibly +20 million switch consumers so what does it really matter when your rubbish veiws too fall on deaf ears?

mikeslemonade175d ago

Yep the switch can't handle the game and it doesn't deserve it. I bought the system just for exclusives.

Teflon02175d ago

I bought my switch for Nintendo switch exclusives. My hopeful port of Tokyo Mirage sessions, SNES and hopefully N64 titles. I wasn't buying CoD on it and don't expect it to release on it

Neonridr175d ago

the people that are paying for Nintendo's online are doing so for Smash, Mario Kart, Splatoon, etc. Not for Call of Duty.

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indysurfn175d ago

When will people learn that no plans means they are not going to confirm or deny. Confirming will ruin the hype, Denying will ruin the hype. Look at Doom! No plans. Wolfenstien no plans. No plans to release a PS4 PRO. No plans for a FFVII remake.

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narsaku177d ago

"Picks nose"

You won't be missed COD. Trust me.

At least not from me. I'd play Peggle over COD. Every time.

PhoenixUp177d ago

Not every developer is going to be on board with Switch

SegaGamer176d ago

Yep, and it's because the Switch's hardware just can't handle it, not without scaling back the games by a massive amount at least, something developers just don't want to do. They want their games on the strongest hardware, not something that is closer to last gen.

Nintendo fanboys will say "it's just COD" but they miss the big's not just COD, there are a ton of games not coming to the Switch that are getting released on every other major platform.

I got a ton of disagree's the other day for saying pretty much the same thing, but these are facts. Do people seriously believe that developers will want to scale back their games like they did with Doom? It's too much work, some games will have to be completely reworked just to get them to run on the Switch.

DialgaMarine175d ago

Too much work, and very little reward when Nintendo devices make up only 1% of the sales for big western multiplats.

Profchaos175d ago

Yeah I'd agree and I've seen Nintendo fans rush to try and denounce the claims with stats and figures that are fairly skewered and inaccurate.

Nothing wrong with the switch I love it but let's be honest it's not a ps4 and despite all the wishing and technical analysis the fan boys create it still doesn't have games like gta v or red dead 2 coming out for it.

I'll be buying one eventually I love Mario but I'm realistic in what I expect

kevnb175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Yes, not every game will release for a handheld. It’s amazing that we are seeing some games get ported over from ps4 though! I really don’t think publishers will ignore the switch though, there’s a lot of potential for by far the best handheld ever.
Oh and it’s not about what developers want to do, the publisher tells them what to do. Not sure why people here want to hate on the switch, it’s not taking anything away from the ps4 outside Japan. Unless you are salty that Nintendo keeps winning a ton of goty awards?

Monster_Tard175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

You got disagrees because it seemed as you doubted the Switch could have a 6 year life-cycle, which wouldn't be surprising looking at past handhelds. Nintendo consoles missing out on big 3rd party games due to weaker hardware or inferior storage media is nothing new and it's been that way for nearly two decades now, Nintendo has showed that they're capable of doing quite well with mainly just 1st party tittles.

Tazzy175d ago

True and you be a SEGA gamer the Dreamcast had descent support and where are they now?? Nintendo is still around making a ton of money with the Switch and their games where SEGA isn't.

bigmalky175d ago

I'd rather play Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate with decent, respectful human beings, than CoD with the dregs of gaming.

That's not a direct slur by the way, just facts.

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Elda175d ago

Not surprising but since it doesn't have a campaign I'm quite sure Switch owners are not bothered in the least.

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