Best Buy's Gamer's Club May Be Discontinued

In a surprising turn of events, Best Buy's Gamer's Club Unlocked may have been discontinued. The program originally ran at a cost of $30 for 2 years while offering 20% off all new games.

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Nitrowolf2246d ago


Glad they arent just stopping it from cx still in their membership, but man that sucks. It was their biggest perk, now why even bother

FITgamer245d ago

Fortunately I just renewed mine last month. Will still get the benefits for 2 more years.

Skull521245d ago

Best Buy is just becoming aware that even with $12 off a game, most people prefer to have a digital copy. It isn’t worth the time, effort, and money to stock worthless discs.

Concertoine245d ago


Most people buy physical though.

Skull521244d ago

Steam tells us something different, consoles are just a little behind but we’ll get there. Would not surprise me a bit to see the next gen ditch disc drives.

Rachel_Alucard244d ago


The real reason is because of that 20% off preorders thing thats similar to what Amazon has. I know EA and Ubisoft refused to stock preorder copies to amazon because of that 20% discount, but unlike Amazon who upped the price, best buy just said "Screw this" and left.

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Seraphim245d ago

wonder if this has anything to do with why Amazon hasn't had much, if any stock of Sony games. MLB The Show '18. Never available for order. God of War, unavailable. Detroit Become Human. Available for pre-order up until sometime this year, currently unavailable for quite some time. Spiderman available for pre-order until shortly after the official launch date was announced. Now, not available for pre-order. Days Gone, use to be available for pre-order, now currently unavailable. And so on...

Just makes me wonder if publishers aren't trying to end this consumer friendly trend of discounted games for gamers. First the questions regarding Amazon that have popped up this year and now Best Buy is dropping their Gamers Club program? Whatever the case, it's truly a shame. It's not like games don't go on sale after 1-3 months for $20+ off anyway. Digital games don't even net us a discount for forgoing physical, tangible items that cost $ to manufacturer and ship.....

NotoriousWhiz245d ago

Nintendo games never go on sale. This means I'm buying a lot less Nintendo games.

The 10th Rider245d ago (Edited 245d ago )


Numerous Switch games have been on sale frequently over the past few months. Oddysey, Breath of the Wild, and more. Strangely enough it's Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Pokken Tournament DX, both ports, that really haven't seen any discounts.

subtenko245d ago

Yea but the stranger thing about that is you cant even preorder them, thats besides the discount, wtf is going on. Its been a month since this was noticed and still no official words from ANYONE. WTF!

Rachel_Alucard244d ago

Amazon got threatened by EA and Ubisoft they wouldn't stock preorder copies all because of that 20% off preorders thing prime members get. That's why numerous shortages happen with a few publishers. Best buy was an even better deal because it was much cheaper and directed at gamers. But rather then raise the price I guess they either just abandoned it or something else occurred that forced them too. Either way there is some evil backstage stuff at play.

rainslacker244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Makes me wonder more if they're not doing the pre-orders to try and prevent people from getting the 20% off. The publishers really have no reason to refuse sales to these retailers, as they're still making the same per copy. Unless the console makers feel it's cutting into their digital sales, which probably isn't really happening to any great degree.


Do you have a link for that claim.

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Aceman18245d ago

I guess friggin signed up to this a few weeks ago wtf man 😡😡

NotoriousWhiz245d ago

That's a good thing. It means you'll keep the benefits until 2020. They're not canceling current memberships. At least not yet.

rainslacker244d ago

When this first started, along with amazon, I wondered how long it would last. They were pretty much giving away their entire profit margin on new games, and with Best Buy, they had so many other promotions lumped in with new game purchase and preorders, I couldn't imagine how they could actually make money.

It's a shame, but I hope that people got their moneys worth, or will before their subs run out. I was kind of pissed that Amazon stopped doing it for everything but pre-orders. That seemed kind of crappy since there were people taht probably signed up for just that feature.

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Relientk77246d ago

What a stupid move.

Gamer's Club was cheap and I loved getting games 20% off

showtimefolks245d ago

But best buy wasn't making much with offering 20% off on brand new games. I do think they could have solved this issue by charging more for GCU

They could have gone up to $60-70 for 2 years membership and it would still be totally worth it

The 10th Rider245d ago

Yeah, heck even if they changed it to 20% off MSRP and 10% of sale prices, or 10% off new games and 20% off games over a year old. There's really numerous ways they could have altered the service to be more profitable without losing a huge consumerbase. At this point unless they replace it I won't be buying any games at Best Buy once my membership expires in a year.

LandoCalrissiano245d ago

Or just slowly tweak it. 40 bucks for 2 years. 30 bucks for 18 mos. 40 bucks for 18 mos.

2pacalypsenow246d ago

Well then I have no reason to buy games there anymore.

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