NA PlayStation Store May 2018 Flash Sale Is Live; Here Are All The Deals

PlayStation Store is having its monthly flash sale this week. The games that are available include a wide variety of releases across the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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blackblades246d ago

Not that good of a flash sale, but hey already got enough to play for years.

Spikeantestor245d ago

Same. I just made a list on my phone of every game I have that I haven't finished/just scratched the surface of/want to play but haven't even started yet. When I get the urge to spend on some game I won't even play I'll look at that list and it should bring me back to reality.

OnDec76245d ago

Most of these games are terrible

Palitera245d ago

Darkest Dungeon, INSIDE, Journey, The Crew, Alienation, Nex Machina, Deus Ex, Dragon Age, Titanfall, Helldivers, Need For Speed, BF4, Dead Rising etc.


adaminoregon245d ago

How the heck can a dynamic theme cost more than the actual game? #firewatch.

rdgneoz3245d ago

"Dynamic Theme Bundle" - "This bundle includes Firewatch and the Firewatch Theme."

So for $0.50 more, you get a theme. Not, 'the theme costs $5.49'...

pyroxxx245d ago

Got valkyria chronicles remastered & Inside/Limbo bundle for under 20 both,.. So I am Ok with it

MrVux000245d ago

It's a good sale.
But i'm expecting really big sales during E3 2018, so i would hold of from purchasing games until then.

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