Metal Gear series total sales have exceeded 53.8 million

MGI: "We have another update on the total lifetime sales of the Metal Gear series. As of the end of March 2018, over 53.8 million copies have been sold worldwide."

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DivineAssault 153d ago

& w/o kojima, itl never be a hot IP again

Nyxus153d ago

It's still a big name, at least Konami could release the games on current gen systems.

DivineAssault 153d ago

Or remake the NES/PC versions in 3D but its Konami.. They destroyed Castlevania & now you can kiss MGS goodbye too

Nyxus153d ago

@ DivineAssault: I'm still holding out some hope for this franchise. Konami is releasing a remaster for ZoE later this year so why not for MGS?

GamesMaster1982152d ago

Well story wise it can’t get any worse than V now with Kojima out . Bring on new blood I say . Kojima wanted out for ages, wish granted move on .

FallenAngel1984153d ago

They’ll never have the balls to reveal how much Metal Gear Survive has sold

Nyxus153d ago

Yeah they made no mention of its performance in their latest financial report.

theshredded152d ago

Just bought the hd collection again a few weeks ago on the golden week sale

LoveSpuds152d ago

Hardly surprising considering how many times they try to sell each instalment with new editions, remasters etc.

Still, what an epic series, I have loved each and every one of them.

Nyxus152d ago

I'm actually pretty sure that a current gen remaster would sell pretty well. Better than something like Survive, despite that being a new game.

LoveSpuds152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Absolutely, if they remastered the first MGS and put it together with all the other MGS titles in one collection I would snap it up and I reckon it would fly off the shelves too.

I played MGS about 6 months ago and despite the dated graphics and slightly wonky controls, I had a fantastic time, the game holds up so well.

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