Reassessing the legacy of PlayStation Vita

As software production ends, it's a good moment to reassess Sony's handheld - its commercial failure looms large, but its innovations remain hugely influential

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FallenAngel1984250d ago

Vita’s longest lasting impact on the legacy of PlayStation in my opinion will

- it being the first and only gaming platform from Sony to use cartridges
- it introducing the current blue marketing scheme that Sony is currently employing
- finally introducing party chat to PlayStation systems
- implementing a touchpad that was later integrated into the DualShock 4
- introducing dual analog control to portable devices that have now become the norm
- it helped contribute to the start of cross-saving across different platforms.
- it helped contribute to the start of cross-buying new titles.
- having an iteration that was the first and probably last microconsole from Sony in the form of PSTV
- potentially being the last dedicated handheld system from Sony

TallonIV249d ago

The vita failed because Sony were greedy. Making you buy overpriced propriety memory cards just to store the games you already purchased was a massive mistake on Sony's part. They also ignored their fanbase for the latter half of Vita's life by not releasing a constant flow of top quality games at affordable prices. I think they'll be shooting themselves in the foot if they ever decide to release another handheld. Nintendo have owned that market since day one and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

jukins249d ago

Partly. But 3ds sales weren't that great at the time either. It wasn't until sony unveiled the vita impressed people that the 3ds had a significant price drop along with some timely releases.

After that Sonys greed most definitely did them in. The cost of entry was way to high and the 3g version was pointless in all respects. I still use mine but I imagine what could've been had sony actually did a few more simple things for the vita and invested more in 1st party. There's some real good games for vita but it never made for multiple reasons