No Mans Sky upcoming patch Screenshots

Hello Games announced live to fans via Inside Xbox that No Man’s Sky will launch on Xbox One on Tuesday 24th July in North America and Friday 27th July in Europe. With this comes a huge free update to the game for existing players on PS4 and PC too.

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Goldby206d ago

Can't wait to jump back into this

Chaosdreams206d ago

It'll finally feel like the proper time to do so. I've been testing the waters after each major content update, but this'll be what finally hooks me in for the long haul.

TheOpenWorlder206d ago

Definitely agreed! The fact Hello Games has still yet to incorporate any of the features they falsely advertised really has me QUITE excited to play this amazing piece of work!

gigoran205d ago

They didn’t falsely advertise anything. People imagined features and when their imaginations were not fulfilled they blamed the developers.

And these same people are probably going to imagine more things this time and play the blame game again. Because that’s what sheep do. You’re living proof of this

TheOpenWorlder203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Oh, they didn't? Sheep? Look at any of the pre-release gameplay footage shown - all the missing features list is from Sean Murray himself showed that was NEVER in the game. You're a stupid clown if you believe people just "imagined" epic space battles and created an entire reddit thread on the missing stuff. Educate yourself:

This includes all the times Sean Murray and his lying sack of crap team claimed these features were in-game directly from the donkey's mouth or when that dumb moron was upstage playing a fake pre-rendered level. Not imagined.

Must be great working as Hello Games' PR rep huh? You're living proof that stupidity and denial can exist even when proven wrong. How's the view from inside Sean Murray's bumhole?

boing1206d ago

Color me interested. I'll gladly get back to it if multiplayer expierence is proper. It has the potential to be super fun with other players around.

1nsomniac206d ago

I hope they rot in hell alongside Gearbox. Some of these screenshots are the same shots they released prior to launch lol. It’s hilarious.

finite206d ago

Yeh that's what we thought though they came with the latest press release this update.

narsaku206d ago

They deserve it. One of the biggest lies in video games.

FLAT out lied and mislead their consumers, but you'd think they were heroes when you see them brought up here.

I guess that's what happens when your envious of a product you won't be able to buy on your platform, and suddenly an indy studio comes out and promises the world.

You just go full brain-stupid.

Goldby206d ago

Their launch mess wasn't just on hello games. It was a three way tie between the Devs themselves, sony and the players.

The Devs for not keeping their expectations in check, about what is possible from a 12 man team.
Sony for not taking over the Pr side of things when stuff got a little hairy and fans for not keeping their own expectations and hype in check. Alot expected a AAA game from an indie 12 man team.
To solely point the blame at hello games is just as stupid as the people you are calling full brain stupud

uth11206d ago


and HG have learned, but the fans haven't. they are getting overhyped by things they think they see in the Xbox cover art

Goldby206d ago

I know the amount of grudge ppl are holding must have made the knowledge of no Santa earth shattering for them...

The ppl who are still hating on this game have no interest in picking it up anyways, so it's just white noise at the end of the day

Artemidorus206d ago

People down voting when the truth is they lied.

Let it be a lesson to other games who regularly lie when downgrades arrive or content is missing.

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DanteVFenris666206d ago

Probably because there is no official screenshots. Even the box art was one that was leaked

cellmember206d ago

That's because they have notreleased any official screenshots from the patch.

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ILostMyMind206d ago

It seems that this game will no longer be included in the lists of failed games in the generation.

cleft5206d ago

Remember that FF14 was considered one of the biggest failures in gaming. But look at it now, one of the only MMO games that can hold a subscription and its wildly popular. It just goes to show, if the developers have the passion, talent, and drive they can change a failed game into something great. I believe No Man's Sky will be the next FF14, in the sense that it will be considered a major success after its original debacle.

HexxedAvenger206d ago

oooh, i'll keep my eye on this.

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