No Man’s Sky NEXT Launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on July 24, Multiplayer Added to All Versions

"Today on Inside Xbox Sean Murray joined the show to reveal that No Man’s Sky is launching on Xbox One on July 24."

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darthv72207d ago

Multiplayer should breathe new life into this.

helicoptergirl207d ago

I believe it really will. Building your base is really fun too. Maybe people can race the land vehicles across the terrain also.

-Foxtrot207d ago

It probably will but still...too little too late.

I know people will go "oh well it's better NOW then at release" but it's not the point. They built us up, promised us stuff, lied in interviews about certain content, showed things which wern't in the final game and made a mess of the game at launch. I bought it, played it, hell was sucked into the hype bought the limited edition and honestly that's what I'll remember from this game, not something it's evolving into slowly.

fr0sty206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

That's your own fault for boxing the game into your own expectations and not being able to move past a bad memory despite the game evolving into something far better. Not to say any of the above is excusable but when someone takes a wrong and makes it right, you have to give them due credit. Driveclub, for instance, despite its failed launch, turned out to be a fantastic game. If they took a game that sucked and made an awesome game of it, you not buying it anyway only deprives you of that awesome experience. This is especially true if you already own the game and are just refusing to play it.

Palitera206d ago

^ Seriously?
Is lying to consumers, releasing a buggy and barebones "game", overhyping, all this now the players' fault? FFS...

AnotherProGamer206d ago

its never too late, I remember when FFXIV came out and was one of the most hated games I've seen and got really bad reviews but years later FFXIV 2.0 comes along and is now one of the most played MMOs out there

cooperdnizzle206d ago

@Frosty. They could have built a whole new game by now. That fact there are people like you defending this type of practice is what will kill the game industry. You are letting them trick you. Build half a game charge full price, then update said game add to it and get more people to buy the game down the line. Keeps people going in circles and basically gives you sales of your game over and over each time you make it a little bit better! Bad practice

gangsta_red206d ago

"That's your own fault for boxing the game into your own expectations..."

Lmao! Wow!

-Foxtrot206d ago

Jeez...the disagrees for being honest about the game. I can't believe how many of you still defend the game like it was nothing. Is this a "No Mans Sky" thing or defending it because it came onto the PS4 first like a "fanboy" thing?

Whatever, the point is any game can change if it was bad on release, you judge a game on what you get at launch. End of.


I don't know what's more sad, your comment or people agreeing with you. No wonders the industry treats customers like a bunch of suckers.

darthv72206d ago

your feelings are understandable, if you were one that bought into it initially. Lucky for me I have never played it after it was said to not have multiplayer in the sense that we know. Now it will and now it has my attention so I will be experiencing it for the first time the way it was thought to have been.

UnHoly_One206d ago

You get an automatic downvote from me just for using the sentence "End of."

Ugh... I hate it so much.

uth11206d ago

everytime they updated the game, it has breathed hours of new life into it. Easily got my money's worth a dozen times over.

i have no regrets buying day one

Old McGroin206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

@ Foxtrot

"you judge a game on what you get at launch. End of."
So Diablo 3, Batman Arkham Knight and Skyrim are bad games because they weren't perfect at launch? I would disagree with you there.

subtenko206d ago

Mf they didnt lie they had timeframes, schedules. If they lied then they wouldnt have the stuff in the game.....get out that twilight zone you're in.

Artemidorus206d ago

Bigger killer for me is they lied, spin it all you want you do not lie to paying customers.

Bobafret206d ago

No offense, but I never see you saying anything positive.

BadElf206d ago

Xbox folks will have a good day one then!

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PhantomS42206d ago

If it happened at launch maybe but now it's just a dead.

DJStotty206d ago

its not dead on xbox, its a new game for us !!!!

3-4-5206d ago

With multiplayer, players can build up certain "Major Cities", and have those be places people can go to potentially as like a destination place within the game.

EDKICK206d ago

@Old McGroin there's a difference between a fundamentally good game (Skyrim, Diablo 3, Arkham Knight) releasing with some unfortunate technical issues, or having a few bad features/ideas and those being fixed through some patches and this newer brand of GAAS that releases in a bare bone state and sometime six months, a year, or two later finally has the content that was promised, or finally has enough content to be a full $60 game.

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porkChop207d ago

It's nice that the game is finally getting the features that were promised, but they shouldn't have insinuated that everything would be there at release.

They would have been fine if they'd just said the content would roll out over time, and launched at a more reasonable Early Access price.

Charging full price, launching without most of the promised content, and then avoiding fans and media after launch... I really don't know what they were thinking.

Once this update releases they should consider doing a free-to-play weekend across all platforms. Let people experience what the updated game is like, and show them how it's progressed since launch.

uth11206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

exactly. they should have been abundantly clear that not every feature would be available day one

of course we don't know what they were contractually allowed to say/not say. i get the impression they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.. forced to release a game that wasnt ready, but not allowed to say things that alter the marketing message

crazyCoconuts207d ago

Our crown jewel going over to Xbox! We should get PUBG in trade... ;-)

CurbStompin206d ago

Crown jewel.. no.

And as a PUBG gamer on PC who also owns the xbox version... it’s shit at 30fps on console. You’re not missing anything, it belongs on PC.

Inzo206d ago

Gamers really need to learn what sarcasm is.

NatFanBoyRestricted206d ago

why would you purchase it on xbox if your already playing it on pc?

206d ago
thornh206d ago

God of War is going to xbox? Or, The Last of Us? Or, any Uncharted game?

Sorry, No Man's Sky is okay but...

crazyCoconuts206d ago

Sorry, I should have used the sarcasm emoji :-)

Fist4achin206d ago

Seems like the game should've had this as it's initial release.

showtimefolks206d ago

For a 10 men team atleast they didn't quit and instead worked hard to release big updates. Look at bioware team that did mass effect they quit releasing updates a while ago

deafdani206d ago

To be fair, Bioware made quite a lot of cool updates to his previous Mass Effect games. They had DLC and story expansions planned for Andromeda, but EA said no after its poor reception at launch.

I don't think it's Bioware's fault, really. From what I understand, Andromeda isn't quite on the same level as the previous games in the series, but it was still on its own a fairly good game. It seems to me that people blew its issues out of proportion.

Mr Marvel206d ago

You make a very good point there.

one2thr206d ago

On top of having to deal with flood damage in their offices.

Razmiran206d ago

I already have the game so I will be trying this, maybe it will keep me busy for a few days

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