Kingdom Hearts III off-screen images leak from Premium Showcase event

Off-screen images of the Kingdom Hearts III playable demo at the game’s Premium Showcase event happening this week have surfaced on Imgur (via Reddit).

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FallenAngel1984151d ago

People can’t wait one day just to see new updates on the game

Bahamut-Shin151d ago

one day, yes, but we have been waiting for this for more 10 years for the next main entry

FallenAngel1984151d ago

But why? KH2 didn’t even end on a huge cliffhanger like KH1 did, and KH3 didn’t get formally announced until 2013.

Are you telling me you’re going to be waiting for KH4 as soon as KH3 releases?

AdonisIsBeast151d ago

This ends the initial trilogy. And I’m assuming your question wasn’t rhetorical. Leave the dude alone.

KennyAlvah151d ago

Really!? An Xbox controller???

Doge151d ago

Yeah dude. An Xbox controller!!!

Trueflames151d ago

Nice i see the xbox controller :) cant wait to play this on The X

TheColbertinator151d ago

The best place for Kingdom Hearts will be the Xbox One X

Razmiran151d ago

Are you a walking advertisment?

Forn151d ago

Apparently people like you don't actually care about the games themselves, hence owning an Xbox and only calling out the fact that you see an Xbox controller in a picture. So sad.

KennyAlvah151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Well if you're referring to my comment, then all I can say is that it was really meant to be a joke since the kingdom hearts series is so associated with playstation and has never been on Xbox. I'm happy everyone can play this game and hopefully Xbox players will be getting a collection of the first few games as well.

Forn151d ago


I didn't reply to you. I knew what you meant.

CernaML151d ago

'Cept for all the ones that are already out. :^)

OmnislashVer36151d ago

I'm fine on my PS4 Pro. Let's be real though the best place will be PS5 where it will have 4K60 with the possibility of upgraded textures.

CaptainSellers151d ago

I disagree, since you'll soon be able to play the entire series on PS4, whereas Xbox will have only a single game (that will likely sell awfully).

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