Is Atari VCS a RetroBox or a FutureBox?

Like the legendary phoenix, Atari rises from the ashes of wherever the hell its been for the last few decades to give us the VCS, which may or may not be awesome. The writers disagreed on this.

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PhoenixUp156d ago

I don’t see Atari rising like any phoenix

If anything it just further reminds me how much of a hollow shell of a company they’ve become in the following years

porkChop156d ago

Just think about how they've tried to position it. A 4K/60fps machine with HDR, for only $199. That doesn't add up. They've used buzz words to make it sound like some little powerhouse, but that's really not what it is.

They've been super vague about which "current titles" it will actually be able to play, and they've made it sound like it could play AAA games. But if you check the Indiegogo page, it says "Killer Atari Classic Games. Hot New Indie Titles." And that's all this will be, Atari classics and some indies. Maybe some older AAAs like Skyrim or something.

So many people on Twitter think this will be going up against the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. But that's really doubtful. I think a lot of people will be disappointed when this thing ships.

SSmoke155d ago

Launches with more exclusives than xbox one...

JackBNimble155d ago

40 year old exclusives, it will be neat to go back to for about 5 minutes.

Gh05t155d ago

Its a cardboard box that holds a nothing burger.