7 Games that totally need a Battle Royale Mode

Fashion can be unpredictable, but not more so than the fashion of video games. One Summer, you’re enjoying yet another tactical Search and Destroy on Wet Work, then before you know it you’re longing to shred endless waves of zombies.

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showtimefolks151d ago

don't worry soon almost every game will have it

yellowgerbil151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Want to see battle royale in a destruction derby twisted metal type game

bigmalky151d ago

It will be the fad that ruins the generation, like CoD destroyed last gen's diversity of genres and decent single player campaigns in a swap for tagged in multiplayer.

Luckily, a few decent publishers with great ideas are left... An island in an ever increasing sea of pay your way bullshit.

BLAKHOODe151d ago

Sometimes what's old needs to take a vacation to become what's new again.

bigmalky150d ago

Sometimes, but innovation is what's needed, not copying someone else's idea over and over until every game that can have battle royal has one... Good or trash.

Flogging a dead horse comes to mind.

BLAKHOODe150d ago

I'm just saying the industry taking a few years off pushing single player campaigns might not be a bad thing. Eventually, some small developer will release a massive hit that's single player only and all the top developers will jump on the bandwagon again. It's a never ending cycle of what's hot and not.

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