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XBA says: A phenomenal amount of content for the price that's unique, fun and flawed.

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Unreal01157d ago

Another Xbox site giving a higher score. Hilarious.

Kabaneri157d ago

Yeah this is getting out of hand.

AmstradAmiga157d ago

Yeah, Sony is never guilty of this. However, people are dumping on this game as though it were AAA. Its a budget game so why so much hate?

Bathyj157d ago

Ori and Cuphead were budget games. Budget doesn't have to mean buggy mess. And the Xbox sites are trying too hard. I know Xbox needs a hit but they're so transparent.

When the dust settles someone will do a Xbox site to non Xbox site comparison and I bet there's a 3 point difference in the averages.

AmstradAmiga157d ago

I agree but people act like this game was supposed to be the savior for Xbox. Its clearly never been that and all it does is reflect just how average the developers are.

Bathyj156d ago

People were only building it up because where are the games? They need something exclusive to cheer for. If MS had some games then games like this wouldn't get the unfair extra pressure on them.

Crackdown is next on the chopping block. Here's hoping it's decent at least.

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Jinger157d ago

It's not like they are the ONLY ones giving it a good score or recommending it...

trooper_157d ago

So how many are recommending it that's not XBox influenced?

I can assure you that it's not many.

IamTylerDurden1157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

The game is a 69 Metacritic even though the top 3 scores on Metacritic are all Xbox sites. C'mon. Even with the help it's still averaging out as a bad game. On Metacritic it's mostly Xbox sites giving it great scores. It's artificially inflating the score whereas it would probably be about a 60 without them. The game got bad press pre release with people saying it had technical issues and was closer to an expansion than sequel. The same is bearing true with reviews.

Jinger157d ago (Edited 157d ago )


I'm counting about 13 positive reviews that didn't come from a review site that has "achievements" or "Xbox" in the name.

That's also not counting the positive reviews on YouTube from people like ACG who also recommended it and what not.

Also what are you considering a "bad" score? I'm pretty much okay with 7's and above for majority of games which it also has plenty of...

So I'll repeat... it's not like it's only the Xbox sites that are giving it decent scores.

Jinger157d ago


Did I piss in your cereal this morning? lol damn

I don't always suck M$ dick, I just don't habitually hate everything single thing they do like most of you guys on here.

Matpan157d ago

@IamTylerDurden1 69 is a good number, I think everyone likes a good 69 every now and again? nothing bad there...

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TheProblem157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

TrueAchievements - 9
Xbox Tavern - 87
Xbox Addict - 85
Mondo Xbox - 85
Somos Xbox - 80
Windows Central - 80
Generación Xbox - 79

I think metacritic needs to take a good look at this. It is clear xbox has it's own sites that are trying to pump up scores for their own games. Without these reviews. SOD 2's Metacritic Average would be far lower than the 69 it currently is

Relientk77157d ago

That's really sad... and obvious as hell given the scores from all other outlets

Jinger157d ago

There are also 13 other sites without Xbox in the name that gave it positive scores... but yeah lets not point those out.

Also it's not like there aren't a bunch of PS4/Sony or Nintendo biased sites always giving their games inflated reviews...

rainslacker156d ago


Did you read any of the reviews. Almost all of them, even the high scoring ones, point to lots of bugs. They say the game can be fun, but that's mostly due to it's addictive content.

The game has issues. Is it right to score something high when it has admitted issues in the review content itself? Isn't it a disservice to the reader to actually score something high when it doesn't live up to current standards?

Not judging the game myself as I haven't played it, but seriously, why not acknoledge that the game has problems and that 8-10's shouldn't be given to games with many bugs that can and do affect game play during the game.

157d ago
IamTylerDurden1157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Top 3 scores on Metacritic are all Xbox sites with scores at about 9/10 each. Even with that it is still only a 69 Metacritic which is around just as bad as Sea of Thieves and worse than the Metacritic score of No Man's Sky

GamerDad82156d ago

Another PlayStation zombie trolling xbox. Hilarious. Wait for the triggered snowflake responses, grab some popcorn.

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RainbowBrite157d ago

I honestly think they are afraid. Maybe they think they'll lose some sort of special treatment, idk, early copies, maybe even sponsor money. And you are not really worried about journalism, objectivity, or what your audience think of you when your site is called xboxaddict.

Aceman18157d ago

It's funny how MC is counting scores of 50s as mixed instead of negative lol. I could almost bet that if a Sony or Nintendo exclusive were to garner any score of 50s MC would could them as negatives lol.

rainslacker156d ago

The person from the publication who puts the review up on MC gets to decide what to classify it as.

In this case, the lower scores seem to be centered mostly around the bugs, which drive the score down. They don't seem to have much problem with the content or the game itself otherwise, thus, they have mixed feelings about the game.

King_Lothric157d ago

So Xbox sites are the only ones giving high score while every other site agree the game is mediocre.

The disparity is so notable that these Xbox sites are being exposed for their unprofessional work.