Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer raises the bar for the famed multiplayer mode delivering the most thrilling grounded combat experience yet with a focus on tactical gameplay and player choice.

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glenn1979153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Fisrt and MEEEHHHH

InTheLab153d ago

Looks a lot like Infinite Warfare 2 and it's insane ttk and future bs

morganfell153d ago

Meh doesn't begin to describe the disappointment.

Ridiculous equipment, forgettable rap tune, and a mohawk. Never saw that coming...

Snake was right...War. War never changes.

At some point this retreading will no longer function for them. If the rumor of no SP campaign bears out then it is a complete pass for many people.

Palitera152d ago

Disgusting. I miss the time when the player needed a brain to play COD.

BiggerBoss152d ago

Definitely gonna pass on this. No story mode means no buy. I'm not gonna pay full price for half a game.

No Way152d ago

Bigger boss; while I agree with you.. you say it's a half a game; does that mean single player only is only half a game??

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Newmanator153d ago

Question before Meh stamp - does it actually have boost jumping? I don't recall seeing any double jump/jet pack jumps in the video? (I saw a dude move forward quickly onto a car). Maybe it does and I'm blind

vallencer153d ago

Neither. It does have sliding but no boost jump/jet pack or wall running.

Razmiran153d ago

No, they said it in the reveal

KickSpinFilter153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I think there was at the start over a tank or something. I'm already out with the speed boost quick jump and no SP. I'll stick with WWII that been fun as hell. But why oh why cant we just get a friggin new Modern Warfare that is what everyone wants!

SenorFartCushion153d ago

No, and I've noticed the only differences are that this game has things removed instead of added.

Removed boosting, removed auto-health regen, removed.....

Palitera152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

It has grappling hook, so...

Garbage confirmed.

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SenorFartCushion153d ago

Not even meh. I'm angry.

Removing the story mode, Reusing blops 3 assets and tacking on a derivative mode.

F Activision.

getbacktogaming153d ago

I'm disappointed and will definitely be skipping this game but after the disappointing campaign in BO3... I was kind of expecting this kind of crap

BiggerBoss152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Activision has become just as bad as EA. They expect us to pay full price for half a game. I was done with Activision as soon as I got screwed with the first Destiny. $120 to get the full game. F*** that.

PapaBop153d ago

Lol "Meh" pretty much summed up my reaction. Just looks like the same old COD to me, a few new latest trends shoehorned in for good measure which just leads to it looking like a clusterf**k of things that don't really quite gel into the gameplay experience. Having said that though, if I was a teenager tanked up on Red Bull, I'd be pretty hyped for it.

BiggerBoss152d ago

I remember being in high school and being so pumped for the release of Modern Warfare 2. Oh how this franchise has fallen...

Doughhead153d ago

I'll meet your one MEEEHHHH and raise you one bleeeehhHHHhhhhh

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Chaosdreams153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

First thought: "Well that shield sure can take a punch."

Edit: Maps look visually appealing (from what's shown).

smolinsk153d ago

Fu.. no, near future bullshit... looks boring as hell

Gardenia153d ago

I thought they'd learn from their past mistakes. But I guess not

BiggerBoss152d ago

COD has gone in the exact OPPOSITE direction that I want it to go. It'll be a long time before I spend by money on this franchise again.

IamTylerDurden1153d ago

It really isn't that futuristic though. They said it was boots on the ground no crazy jetpack or wall running. It seems more toned down and the shield, underwater shooting, and crazy criss cross grenade all looked cool.

Palitera152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

They have put a grappling hook, so...

Same garbage confirmed. Same old stuff. But not in a "gool'ol'stuff&am p;qu ot; style... more in a "keeping the bad CODs streak full on" sense.

They should beg for the brilliant minds at Respawn to return. COD got worse and worse after they left.

Gotta keep ruining it. ;)

Newmanator152d ago

I think there was some sarcasm there, if so very well done

rebeljoe14153d ago

Nope looks fun like black ops 2

Thatguy-310153d ago

I have a problem with them charging a full 60$ more so than it having no campaign. Now it seems like they filled it up with so much multiplayer content to "justify" the absence of it which I'm not buying

Smitty2020153d ago

I agree with you, I bet the mp will have a few maps just like any other n rest is dlcs

IamTylerDurden1153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Why are people agreeing? You are wrong. If anything Black Ops 4 has more content than ever. $60 gives you mp, Zombies, Battle Royale aka Blackout, and sp missions rather than a campaign. There are 4 major modes instead of the usual 3. Even if you don't like the changes at least be informed, Black Ops 4 will have plenty of content. We can bicker about changing the campaign into a mission structure but they added Battle Royale. This isn't Sea of Thieves, the game is going to have content.

Dirtnapstor153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Looked like it had plenty of content. And they stated the SP will be supported with alternate modes. Some of the "new" game play formula reminded me of R6S. Blackout could be really good.

BiggerBoss152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


Nope. No story mode=no buy.

Regardless of how much multiplayer content there is, Activision is royally screwing the fans that enjoy the single-player.

fewDankMemes152d ago

How can you have a problem with them charging a full $60, when Overwatch, a mp only game, launched with TWO MODES for a full $60?

This game has single player missions, almost as many characters as overwatch, tons of mp modes and maps, a battle royale mode, and three zombies maps. How does that not warrant being a full priced game?

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Smitty2020153d ago

I love sp too cod, It will only have mp and still charge the same amount

IamTylerDurden1153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Good lord you are wrong. The game does not "only have mp", far from it. It has 4 major modes and the sp wasn't entirely removed, it was changed into a mission based mode rather than one large narrative.

Black Ops 4 includes 4 modes:

Battle Royale aka Blackout
Singleplayer missions

Please don't spread misinformation just because you are uninformed. I personally would prefer that they kept a Singleplayer campaign, but they more than compensated as far as amount of content. Surely Battle Royale and Singleplayer missions will equate to more content than a 5 hour campaign.

BiggerBoss152d ago


Again, having more Multiplayer content doesn't excuse screwing over the players that enjoy the Story Mode. This is just a cop-out by Activision, they save a lot of money by not having to develop a single player campaign.

ocelot07153d ago

Looks really boring to be honest.

Markusb33153d ago

Agreed and idiots will buy it in their millions

Rude-ro153d ago

People are idiots because they might like something you don’t? Holy narcissism

153d ago
remixx116153d ago


Is that true or did you just make that up?

IamTylerDurden1153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

And Black Ops 4 will also include Blackout, a robust Battle Royale mode. Are people idiots if they buy it for Battle Royale? Were people idiots for buying Pubg or playing Fortnite? It will also feature Zombies. Were people idiots for buying Killing Floor considering it started as a CoD Zombies mod?

BiggerBoss152d ago


I personally don't think people are idiots for buying the game. People are free to spend their money on whatever they want.

However, if you were a COD gamer of old, I don't see how you're not disgusted by how the franchise has turned out in recent years. Activision is milking their loyal fan base for their hard-earned dollars, and it is NOT okay.

No Way152d ago

Tyler, are you a dev? Defending awfully hard!

jmc8888152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


I've been gaming CoD since the original Call of Duty. I've skipped a couple, like CoD3, 4, and Infinite Warfare. Been gaming in general since about 1980 with Apple II, Atari, and Arcades.

3 and 4 because I hated 2. Advanced Warfare because I hated the jet pack/wall running stuff.

But the return to WW2 was nice except for the removal of controller+mouse setup AFTER launch, but there are three teams making this game, and I didn't expect an old one every time.

Nor do I necessarily think ALL THREE teams will stop making single player. Treyarch has decided to. Maybe the others will follow that, maybe not.

So at one point I WAS disgusted, but the WW2 setting was a nice change and getting rid of the jetpacks/wall running is another one.

As for single player being removed, I'm not torn up about it. I can see why others are, but over the years it has for me become a primarily multiplayer game. There's more single player games now then ever. Dozens of games get released every day. I have hundreds of games in my backlog. I've got like 800 games in my steam wish list. Add some more on my PS4 list, etc.

During the past year I've become a fan of fortnite. I can see the value of Battle Royale games. Some people play it like CoD, which is weird. That's not how you do it. But obviously you can do it however you want. But if you want to really know how Battle Royale is different, you have to try to play it different.

Many times I'm still in the air gliding down and my WHOLE squad is dead because they decided to play it like it's CoD and land in Tilted towers.

I play the game with more cunning. I'm not looking to engage in firefights, but will if I have the advantage. I'm looking to gather resources, weapons, and stay alive. It's actually quite easy to last into the top 10 or 6 or even 3. None of this is possible in the traditional Call of Duty game or maps. Battlefield games aren't like this either, but they do have a good map size.

Battle Royale is just a different sort of shooter game. It's a fun addition to the other shooters. A different niche.

It is all the rage, and has 'something' to it. It's not for everyone, but it has something for many. I also see that it's very youth oriented. So as a late X-er or early Y depending on how you draw the lines, born in '78, this isn't my first rodeo when it comes to my generation not being the 'focus'. Battle Royale is a game genre that excites Z. You can tell by all the 10 year olds that play games like Fortnite.

It wouldn't surprise me to see why they did this was to help keep Call of Duty relevant. In order to do that you have to grasp the passion of the younger crowd. Also good for casuals and people that want to drop in/out easily.

So now CoD is catering to X, Y, and Z generations. With that, they decided to get rid of single player and have offline missions in its stead and add Battle Royale. To me, this is actually added value.

It clearly isn't for some given the mass hysteria we're seeing on N4G and likely elsewhere. But this battle royale should resonate with the younger crowd. Help get them into Call of Duty. I definitely know many people won't buy it, but battle royale will definitely get a lot of people to buy it. This could overall decrease sales, keep it about the same, or massively increase them. We'll see.

So to me, being disgusted recent years is more like Ghosts/Advanced/Infinite. They've made some strides since. Battle Royale is a good gamble of expanding the reach of Call of Duty. It's adds value for me.

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