Super Dragon Ball Heroes TV Show Based on Game Coming in 2018

This anime will be based off of the Japanese arcade game of the same name.

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AGO1773d ago

I can't wait for this!!!

tayz1773d ago

this is fantastic news!!!

Cajun Chicken1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I'm up for Dragonball after Super, but the canocity of this is going to be equally as awkward as GT. Also, I don't want Yu Gi Oh style thrown in my face in fighting Shonen anime form.

InKnight7s1773d ago

No you prefer Super Sayian 4 actually and its reasonable because its most amazing character and trasformation design ever. GT without SS4 is nothing really.

Michiel19891773d ago

how about u stop shoving ur own opinion in everyones mouth. ppl love shows for different reasons. You think that its the best character and transformation, others dont. and even if he prefers GT over super because of ss4 then he still preferst GT over super. gtfo dude and try and keep your opinion to yourself because you are not good at sharing it without trying to force your opinion onto people.

OT: I actually hope they stop makin dragon ball anime series,a movie here and there would be alright. I liked seeing all the old characters again but the only noteworthy part for me was the goku black stuff and for the rest I was let down by it.

Movefasta19931773d ago

Don't tell me what I like ,super has terrible writing and the power scaling is all over the place. The tournament of power was garbage

ShadowWolf7121772d ago

Literally any problem anyone has with Super, I can point to a ten times worse case of it in GT.

With ACTUAL asspulls, retcons, REAL plot holes, completely ignoring past lore, power scaling that's so bad as to be ridiculous, and more.

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abra5111772d ago

nothing is as bad as gt

ShadowWolf7121772d ago

It's not even meant to be canon. It's promotional media for the game.

XxSPIDEYxX1773d ago

Can't get enough Dragonball. Great news!

IAreBeMrLee1773d ago

After super... I needed more... there is a god...

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The story is too old to be commented.