Top 8 Most Popular MMORPGs, Ranked By Total Active Users

There are a number of MMORPGs on the market. In this list, we look at various sources to try and rank the eight most popular.

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T1125P155d ago

My fav is Guild Wars 2, no monthly fee, lots of players, still looks great in 2018. Vet player since the very first Guild Wars beta back in 2004 :D

Vanfernal155d ago

Just look at the tags and save yourself from clicking through 8 pages.

gamerpop155d ago

rofl, you must be a busy guy.

narsaku155d ago

I really wanna get back into a MMO, I've just been spoiled with early WOW and Dayz, it's really changed what I can accept as good enough for me these days.

..I'd love to see a mmo come out that has great VOIP. Walking by people and just saying hi to them would be so awesome.

...Well... Until the screetchers come out to play.