Trueachievements' Stats Show How Rarely Game Campaigns Are Played

With reports citing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will come without a story mode, Trueachievements decided to take another deep dive into their sea of gaming data to look at the landscape of single player participation.

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majiebeast155d ago

Haha right before Blops 4 is shown to have no campaign clever timing but i see through this.

morganfell154d ago

All Stations, Damage Control!

getbacktogaming154d ago

Lmao if all campaigns sucked like BO3 yeah nobody would play them.

morganfell154d ago

But all the campaigns do not suck like BO3...

Vegamyster154d ago

That's his point, the article shows BO3's campaign is far below average for completion.

morganfell154d ago

But the point also disqualifies itself. It merely shows what happens when devs assemble a poor campaign. All COD campaigns were not bad. One bad campaign does not a series ruin. Nor should it be the grounds for eliminating an entire feature. Most campaigns are not completed but that does not mean that people do not want them and do not like to play them.

RememberThe357154d ago

This is sort of like musicains that stop putting out albums because most people just pick the songs they like, then wonder why people aren't buying their music anymore. You put the album together for promotional purposes, morons. If musicains only shot for singles, most of the music I love wouldn't even exist.

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sprinterboy154d ago

I love my sp games and wouldnt game without them, but it amazes me when I go through my trophy list and see things like this;
43% beat bulder gow
30% complete game on normal u4
50% complete D-day cod
17% win a season in rocket league
44% beat the game wolfeinstein
36% end the war machines hzd

Mind boggles how many people don't complete stuff they buy, even the tlou on normal is only on 29% and 42% on easy. Plus all the people who moaned at the order 1886 being short yet only 42% completed it lol.

RpgSama154d ago

Just because you don't complete a game, it doesn't mean you didn't play the hell out of it or that you didn't enjoy it, I've had countless games that I've played the hell out of them but never actually had the chance to finish them, I like to mess around and do everything extra, then something else gets released and the cycle starts all over again.

Anzil154d ago

You didn’t play the hell out of them if they’re single player only! Multiplayer’s a different story but if you can complete a 10 hour campaign than you are by definition..... not playing the hell out of it. Save your money.

RpgSama154d ago

@Anzil I've put hundreds of hours between Dragon Age Inquisition, Nioh and The Witcher 3, but haven't finished any of them, so yeah, I think I played a lot

crazychris4124155d ago

30% of 10-20 million is still a lot of gamers. No way in hell am I playing BO4 even if was borrowing it. Probably take you a couple hours to beat those character solo mission, not worth my time.

AnubisG155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

30% of people who got a CoD game completed the campaigns on average. That is a lot of people. Treyarch just threw away a lot of income in hopes that the microtransations of pom-pom hats in their battle royale mode will make up and even exceed that amount.

It took EPIC Games 6 months to create the most successful battle royale game out there that is FREE to play. This shows how lazy and greedy treyarch is. It takes a lot more effort to build a nice campaign. But we could already see in BO3 that they were taking a piss with the campaign and it was an aftertought.

CoD has became a mindless arcade shooter catered towards the 12-16 year olds who beg mommy and daddy for the latest CoD so they can murder their buddies and strangers online while shouting racist, homophobic slurs at everyone. That is what CoD has become. Now it's a GaaS title and mindless sheep cheer that on.

princejb134155d ago

arent a lot of shooters nowadays mindless shooters with 12-16 years old?
I know fortnite is but it hasnt stopped it from been successful

AnubisG154d ago

True, but CoD online is populated by the special kind of stupid.😁

RememberThe357154d ago

COD and Fortnight seem to have the same kind of crowd, why would these guys stop playing a free game to give Acti 60 bones?

Razmiran154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Treyarch doesnt make decisions, they just do what activision says

spicelicka154d ago

Also I don't understand the logic behind this statistic. If not enough people play the campaign, shouldn't the focus be on making it fuckin BETTER, not removing it altogether?

Either that or reduce the damn price, which we all know they'll never do.

princejb134154d ago

yup but from a business stand point, they want to reduce cost and increase profits so cutting story is the way to go. But still fudge activision. I dont support $60 games with only online. When the game population drops down than you have a useless game sitting around

Kosic154d ago

But the difference between cod and Fortnite is the other game modes. Fortnite has very little while cod will remain with its smaller shooter modes.

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princejb134155d ago

no campaign and they still charging $60
this is like throwing the middle finger to everyone

PhantomS42154d ago

and it was only 6 months ago everyone was criticizing PUBG for releasing at $40 for online only Battle Royale because Fortnite was free. Wonder if the press will suddenly change their tune come closer to the release of Blops 4.

gamer7804155d ago

the problem is they are looking at the stats, and not how many sales were related to having a campaign whether they finished it or not. They also need to think about the PR backlash in removing a key feature from a game. If they wanted a MP only game they should have called it something different.

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