Can the Games Market be Dominated by the Film Industry?

Written by Alan Kerr - The continual push towards better graphics has led the game industry to a point where games are starting to look incredibly realistic. At the same time, the film industry’s ability in CGI has come just as far and it is getting harder to notice the difference.

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PhoenixUp818d ago

Well first of all gaming does far more than just realistic graphics, it goes for all different kinds of art styles.

Second visuals aren’t everything. It’s the only interactive medium with various aspects that can’t be replicated in any other medium.

Finally the gaming industry is the fastest growing industry of all time and in recent years it’s outgrossed both the music and movie industries combined.

MorpheusX817d ago

Can the Games Market be Dominated by the Film Industry?

There trying .

TekoIie817d ago

Not really. The games industry is far more flexible and able to wriggle its way into people's lives be it from candy crush on the bus to Call of Duty at home.

Film has it much harder to make its way into people's lives seeing as you may have to put aside a few hours in the day to see a movie.

To me it's just one major advantage the medium has over the other from a market standpoint.