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COGconnected: State of Decay 2 is an ambitious follow up to the 2013 original. Unfortunately, promising core functionality can't save this buggy mess from it's generic and tedious loop.

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BeardedDrachen207d ago

What's with MS allowing their devs to release unfinished games???

knickstr207d ago

Microsoft is not big on delays. If they can get away with not having to delay a game they will.

remixx116207d ago

This is so true, with MS tgey dint have a massive portforlio of games coming so delays are not a good look for them.

Gibreel87207d ago

With their entire announced lineup of 2018 consisting of delayed games it's hard to say they are "not big on delays".

crazyCoconuts207d ago

Maybe they're having to decide what's worse from a PR perspective: low scoring games or no games at all. Imagine the PR backlash if SoT and SoD got pushed to next year.

rainslacker206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

I don't think the low reviews are really that great for PR either.

Give it a day or two though. The fan boys will dismiss the problems once there are a few more high scores and they've played it to be able to say they liked it and the bugs weren't that bad.

In this case, I think they wanted to give something to keep people invested in game pass so they don't let the subs expire. Game Pass is MS future, because it's recurring revenue even if they don't release strong games for it.

IamTylerDurden1207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Perhaps Microsoft cares more about fast cash than delivering quality games? Sea of Thieves reportedly sold well even though it was bare bones and needed more development time. If Microsoft makes money why should they care? That is the attitude i see. Plus, the longer the development process the more money it ends up costing them. I would imagine part of the reason Microsoft has pushed two half baked games out in a row is because they didn't want to fund the extra development time and they were afraid of bad PR from delays.

rainslacker206d ago

MS isn't letting them. MS tells them to.

Sony did the same with The Order.

Ultimately, the publisher can just say release the game for whatever reason. Trying to meet a release date(pretty common last gen), shutting down the studio, cutting losses on production, hope to fix it between gold and release or down the line.

It's not uncommon from any publisher really, just some will delay things if it's in a really bad state.

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Razmiran207d ago

Its on the same level as the rest of the xbox exclusive lineup this year

RainbowBrite207d ago

I was commenting on how bad this looked (like midlife 360), and all I got as a reply is how much fun they had with the 1st one. Well, this is not the first game

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