New Shenmue 3 Screenshots Emerge From Short Trailer

In the wake of Shenmue 3's delay to 2019, several new screenshots have emerged from a short trailer that was shown during a THQ Nordic meeting.

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RainbowBrite207d ago

I can't believe we are getting Shenmue 3 (and the remasters). I'm so happy iiiiigh

cleft5207d ago

Yeah thats awesome and these new screenshots are so terrible. Thankfully they are delaying it to polish it up more.

Vandamme21207d ago

Game looks beautiful, i can’t wait. I’m enjoying yakuza 6 right now.

MWH207d ago

The overall surrounding looks good but the character models leave a lot to desire. These are not the faces of Ryo and Shenhua.

3-4-5206d ago

I can't wait to play Shenmue 1 again, and then I'll finally get to play 2. After that we get Shenmue 3 and it will be interesting to see how they've updated the series to the modern times, while still keeping it feeling like Shenmue 1&2.

MWH206d ago

The story is there and so are the gameplay elements, i'm not too worried about its success. My biggest concern, and i know this my sound a bit funny, is how the characters look.

The characters images and personalities are engraved in my head and i'm affraid i will not relate to the faces in these pictures. They look different people with the same names.

CrimsonWing69206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

why does Ryu look like Corky from "Life Goes On"...?

Like I am so behind everything but the characters look and animate so awkwardly that it's off putting.

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