PS4 Firmware Update Version 5.55 Is Live

Sony has released a brand new firmware update today for the PS4. This firmware patches the system software to version 5.55.

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PhoenixUp153d ago

Captain we need more stability. The platform can’t take anymore exclusives

Relientk77153d ago

The stability... IT'S OVER 9000!

UltraNova153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Stabilization Overload!

Edit: PS4 might as well be THE most stable piece of hardware every created!

Mr Marvel152d ago

So f**king nerdy... but I love it! LMAO

TheKingKratos152d ago

it's so stable that randomly it decides to crash just to get the feeling of it

Cmv38153d ago

At this point, just say updated stability is now live. In fact, if they release a patch without stability, I don't want it. My ps4 is addicted to stability.

LIGATURE153d ago

And still it takes seconds to get to the apps then to load,sometime longer than other times,and when you push the ps button to close an app it lags😣

ILostMyMind153d ago

Reinstall your firmware. I don't have these problems.

bloop153d ago

Don't have that problem here either, on a day one base PS4. Any interface actions are practically instant for me. I do really wish Sony would fix the store though. Half the time I open it it just hangs on that God damn blue screen and I have to restart the console to get anything to load. Almost 5 years in to the PS4 life cycle and it still hasn't been fixed. It's so annoying!!

sprinterboy152d ago

It's the Web browser that causes that stuttering dude, I get it also sometimes.

Kingdomcome247152d ago

Don't get me started on the browser... my Pro runs incredibly smooth, unless I'm dumb enough to open the browser. Then I'm hit with the error code, "Not enough system memory", and then upon returning to the dashboard, the console lags like crazy.

ceooflhm152d ago

Reinstall firmware or just try rebuild database (that fixes most lag problems)

Mr Marvel152d ago

Strange, but I think I may see the problem. Perhaps you’re trying to control your Xbone with your DualShock 4 controller? ;)

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lociefer153d ago


IAreBeMrLee153d ago

Please be a stability patch...
Please be a stability patch...

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The story is too old to be commented.