I’m not ready to give up my Nintendo 3DS yet

By Andrew Webster:
The Switch is better for most things — but not everything. In almost every way, the Switch is exactly the gaming device I want in my life. But there are still a few moments where two screens are better than one.

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PhoenixUp157d ago

Nor should you

I don’t see why anybody should feel obligated to give up any entertainment device just because of more modern alternatives

3-4-5157d ago

I'll be playing my 3DS XL for at least another 5 years. I have 6-7 games I've yet to beat..2-3 more I haven't even started and about another 20-30 I'd like to buy and play at some point as well.

Gaming isn't my only hobby and I have a PS4,Xb1,Switch,psp,Vita & PC all with games backlogged for them as well.

It's going to take me 5-10 years to get to all the 3DS games I want to play.

Nyxus157d ago

I'm still catching up on all the great games that have been released for 3DS over the years. Awesome handheld!

Geobros157d ago

I like very much 3DS. But....after using Switch as a handheld i find not easy to replay with it. If all the games coming for 3DS were coming for Switch too I would have sold it for sure. I like very much the Switch portable experience.


Monster Hunter XX will keep me busy for awhile

Fist4achin157d ago

I'm holding onto mine with a firm grip. I'm fairly new to it so I'm happy scooping up all these great games. I just wish Nintendo were better at lowering the prices on older games.

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The story is too old to be commented.