Detroit: Become Human Review Embargo Revealed

Quantic Dream's upcoming review embargo has been revealed, apparently, review codes have already been sent to media outlets. What's your score predictions?

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ArchangelMike1721d ago

Given that its a Sony Exclusive, and the fact it's made by David Cage, and the fact that it'll be labelled an "interactive movie" and the fact that games journalism has become a platform for SJW's to sound off...

I don't reckon it'll get more that a 7.9

Flewid6381720d ago

PlayStation exclusives get rated higher than that all the time though.

bouzebbal1720d ago

definitely something i will be buying, but not day one.
i have a bunch of games i haven't started yet.

ArchangelMike1720d ago

David Cage PlayStation games have always averaged out at about 7.5 on metacritic.

2pacalypsenow1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Knack, Driveclub and the Order say otherwise.

Maybe these games are good and people enjoy them.

Not every game has to be an open world 1st or 3rd person shooter to be good.

rainslacker1720d ago

Yeah, but there's an abusive father in the game. That somehow makes the game sexist and misogynist, because some people think that the inclusion of something is promoting that said thing is OK....despite the fact you can determine how to handle that situation.

In other words....there are a lot of stupid people in the world who shouldn't be allowed to have a soap box.

Otherwise, Kotaku and Polygon will rate it 6 for it, other reviews will be mixed between 5-9.

darthv721720d ago

Before this game, the only good game with a robot in Detroit would be RoboCop. "Your move, creep", "Thank you for your cooperation, good night"

TheKingKratos1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )


I'm sorry ,no one love sony games as much as i do but this is BS
Sony games get great scores all the time when they are great and most of the time get most GoTY awards
But if the game is not good then it will get what it deserve

Be fair

hulk_bash19871720d ago

Thats not a golden rule. Knack 1 and 2, The Order 1886, hell even Beyond: Two souls have all been less than stellar PS Exclusives.

No Way1720d ago

Bouzebbal - oddly, I'm more excited for this than I was for God of War. , and GoW is great.

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Ausbo1720d ago

Don’t know what you are talking about. Sony exclusives do just fine critically. Have you been living under a rock?

ArchangelMike1720d ago

Not so much David Cage games though.

OB1Biker1720d ago

Did you not see all the fuss in the press every time there s a chance to have a go at David Cage?
Or the poor shocked gaming journalists because they see some nude women or whatever reason they can make up?
Mike is spot on

Snookies121720d ago

David Cage games are usually a bit divisive in terms of reviews. I don't care what score this gets, to be honest. I'm buying it to support him. I love all of his games, they're always really unique. This one will be no exception.

Silly gameAr1720d ago

Sadly, I kind of agree with your opinion.

Araragifeels 1720d ago

David Cage brought in writers/director from Sony Picture Entertainment, Warner Bros and game studio to write the script and direct.

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ArchangelMike1720d ago

Dont get me wrong, I loved the demo, I've got this game on pre-order and will enjoy every moment regardless of the review scores.
I'm just aware that the game and Quantic Dream has been the focus of some media backlash lately.
I'm hoping the game score highly and is a critical Sucess.

Yui_Suzumiya1720d ago

Heavy Rain has an 87 metacritic

Markusb331720d ago

I actually agree games journalism has become quite low standards and we have no need to inject snowflake issues into games or be offended by entertainment

Sayai jin1720d ago

Markusb33, what are snowflake issues?

Scatpants1720d ago

If anything I assume this game will be loaded with SJW stuff. They'll probably give it an 8.5 just for that even though the gameplay will be awful just like all his past games.

Sunny_D1720d ago

Except for the whole accusations of sexual harassment or terrible working conditions at his studio.

OG_TK_Cole1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

I agree with you 1000% For some reason David Cage rubs Gaming Journalist the wrong way, it never fails. People need to stop blindly being "FANS" (Fan is short for Fanatic) and pay attention to what @ArchangelMike is saying, and also look at the review history of games that David Cage makes. For the record I have this game Pre-Ordered and will be supporting it regardless of Review Scores. I have been waiting on this game since it was first introduced at E3. Last but not least, Heavy Rain is one of my favorite games of all time. So trust me when I tell you, im a big supporter of Quantic Dream.

rainslacker1720d ago

I'm going to play the game regardless. I've enjoyed all their games in the past, and they tend to have mixed reviews. They aren't among my favorite games, but certainly worth playing.

Unfortunately, the gaming press tends to not really view these kinds of games that highly. The only exceptions were The Walking Dead and Until Dawn, otherwise, they tend to be very devisive giving it a lower meta average than what they're probably actually worth rating at.

BadElf1720d ago

But the game isnt PC, sjw garbage right? I hope...

Scatpants1720d ago

I think it's all about rape, domestic violence and robots.

CurbStompin1720d ago

Triple A game. Guarantees 9.5 avg from all major reviewers. In reality probably deserves a 7.5

G3ng4r1720d ago

Huh. I would guess it's going to be trash and it'll be funny to see all the angry fanboys begging for the end of many websites for 5-7/10 reviews.

xX-oldboy-Xx1720d ago

CurbStompin - What reality do you live in? Good graphics, great art direction, the world has been fleshed really well from what we've seen. Has huge potential to tell a good story and have lots replay value.

G3ng4r - What if your 'guess' is wrong? Remember it won't be for everyone and the sales wont be HZD, GOW numbers. And the heat for bad review scores would be docking points for not very valid reasons.

conanlifts1720d ago

I don't worry about review scores unless the game gets a meta below 40. There are so many amazing games with meta scores in the 60's AND 70's. that people miss out by focusing on the score. Not to mention anything below 85 is often calssed as being terrible or a failure by the masses. Plus i believe high scores are very rare today as many reviewers have no idea how to be subjective. I.e. you get a reviewer who hates all racing games review a racing game and saying they found it boring.

gamer78041719d ago

it should get more points just for being a single player story driven game and not an open world or mp only game.

C-H-E-F1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

"David Cage PlayStation games have always averaged out at about 7.5 on metacritic."
Your facts are from where?

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Rimeskeem1720d ago

I am excepting 80s, thinking no lower than 70s, and hoping for 90s.

MWH1720d ago

Don't stop there, where's your faith? Walk the distance and pray for a 10.

OMGitzThatGuy1720d ago

10s for a decision making simulator lol.

SuperSaiyanGod411720d ago

These type of games are hit or miss in reviews but it should do well sales wise for the type of game it is.

rpvenom1720d ago

Yeah, this type of game doesn't appeal to a huge audience. I played the demo and I love the concept of androids. similar to westworld. So i'll be picking this up.. But I can see that this may not necessarily bode well with the average gamer.

SuperSaiyanGod411720d ago

Yeah I'll probably pick it up too. Looks pretty interesting story wise and I always enjoy a great story. Hopefully this game delivers.

Mr Logic1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Well that depends. If it's "good" and I mean that for the typical gamer, then even if it's not GOW amazing review wise it can still sell well. If word of mouth is good and 1 in 20 PS4 owners buy it, then that's 3.75 million.

ArchangelMike1719d ago

I think Detroit Become Human will sell well, based on previous Quantic Dream game sales they have always sold in excess of 3 million copies. Also Until Dawn sold very well for a "interactive movie", so much so that there is a possible sequel int he works. We are also in the season of Westworld, and that is getting alot of hype, and it is intevitable that comparisons will be drawn between Detroit and Westworld.

Einhander19711720d ago

I certainly will be buying:)

lociefer1720d ago

For some reason i think telltale gets a free pass on this genre while cage gets scrutanized

yomfweeee1720d ago

There is quite a price difference though, so that has to factor in. If TT tried to sell their games for $60, they'd be in trouble.

1720d ago
AspiringProGenji1720d ago

All the chapters still add up to $40 - $60

xX-oldboy-Xx1720d ago

Telltale games have a stylized, almost comic book look to them - QD games usually push 'realistic' graphics. I think I know which one costs more.

Scatpants1720d ago

Cage is a terrible heavy handed writer and then he hires weird Eastern European voice actors to play Americans so most of the voice acting sucks too.

1720d ago
rainslacker1720d ago

Funny....the cast list for Beyond was almost all American actors.

Heavy Rain had a lot of Canadian Actors, and the detective guy was actually very good....probably one of the best...although some of his dialouge was stupid.

Veneno1720d ago

David Cage's decisions are not consistent in their quality which is why he so divisive with his body of work. But the overall distinctive quality he has is that he brings different kinds of story and themes , and presentation to gaming. Not gameplay of course. That part is not as distinctive other than its trademark jankiness lol. But all in all we need Cage to be in the industry because he fulfills a voice and presence that no other developer brings to the table. Variety is the spice of life.

ArchangelMike1719d ago

Well he has hired other writers for Detroit, in fact Adam Williams is the lead writer for the game, so hopefully the writing and scripting will be much better than previous Quantic Games.

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rainslacker1720d ago

Really only The Walking Dead seems to get that pass. Their other games tend to have quite the range in reviews. I do think that most reviewers overlook the technical problems with their engine though.