State of Decay 2 review - a soggy open-world loot-'em-up with catastrophic bugs | Eurogamer

Technically shambolic, obsessed with hoarding, and a waste of a once-promising society simulation.

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corroios181d ago

Damn, That's another nail... Why launch a game like this...

UltraNova181d ago

If MS delayed it how would their fans react especially when they crave for exclusive games since Sea of Thieves left more to be desired? MS is in a rough spot right now, no doubt.

corroios181d ago

That's right, but after so much time....

Septic181d ago

Wow what a scathing review. And imo rightfully so if a game is so buggy when (1) Its not that ambitious and (2) not even that massive a departure of what came before it.

Poor poor form.

Aceman18181d ago

Wow I'm surprised to hear you talk like this about a MS exclusive, you usually jump straight to defense mode what gives lol?

MS you have this E3 to show me why I should buy your system again please to not disappoint, because these last two exclusives you've released looked like pure garbage to me when I saw them during E3. These two games just weren't going to make me say hey I'll buy the system to play these.

Septic181d ago

"Wow I'm surprised to hear you talk like this about a MS exclusive, you usually jump straight to defense mode what gives lol"

I've been reading these kind of replies from your ilk for about 5 years. Nothing gives- I'm just not a blind fanboy who defends mediocrity or rather embarrassingly blames 'the media bias' in a completely moronic way.

Aceman18181d ago

You could have fooled me lol. Let's see if it stays this way lol

TGGJustin181d ago

Got to love those Xbox sites that are giving this scores like 8.5 or 9/10 and ignoring the huge issues with the game. There is no way I could give anything an 8 with the issues I'm seeing in this review here and a lot of others.

The thing that is really a shame is no one needed this game now. It has been delayed this long they should have given the team a few more months for that extra polish but nope typical Microsoft pushing unfinished games out the door.

Emme181d ago

Releasing this in this erm, state of decay, is really questionable.Here I was thinking MS would fight an uphill battle, instead they cement their mediocrity when it comes to exclusives :( Compare this to Days Gone :(

Smitty2020181d ago

I’ll wait until this is fixed, game will be cheaper and will be a better experience

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