State of Decay 2 Review: Microsoft’s Cheapest Xbox One Game Is One of Its Best Yet [Gadgets 360]

Gadgets 360 says: "All said and done, State of Decay 2 is a great addition to the library of any Xbox One or Windows 10 PC gamer. It might sound derivative on paper, but multiple elements come together to make a game that’s well worth your time."

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FallenAngel1984153d ago

A Microsoft title that currently has a 69 on Metacritic is one of Xbox One’s best titles?

xX-oldboy-Xx153d ago

with the help of some questionable scores no doubt, that MS money goes along way.

81BX153d ago

Some questionable scores? It's 20+ positive scores vs. 6 negative scores. No one is claiming this is a classic but it's looking to be a solid play. Stop with the agenda. It is what it is. A solid game... No blow your mind AAA game

xX-oldboy-Xx153d ago

81BX - its another sub par game pushed to be something it's not, at best its filler between big exclusives. Much like that other mediocre dud SOT. Next up on the disappointment train CRACKDOWN 3.

Cant spin it any other way, it's a dud.

Dark_Knightmare2153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

It will probably drop a few or rise a few but it’s not getting higher than 75 if it’s lucky plus it’s a 68 on opencritic. Oh and where did you learn to count it has 18 positive,15 mixed and 2 straight up bad so I don’t know where you got 20 plus positive and only 6 negative

bouzebbal153d ago

a game can be enjoyed regardless of its score and same goes for highly rated games.
people really should grow up.

Godmars290153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

More like loyalty. Fanaticism. Gamers, and reviewers, who have been in a long term "relationship" with MS and see them doing no wrong.

"a game can be enjoyed regardless of its score and same goes for highly rated games."

In that same vein some really need to accept that a title that's a "7" isn't a "10", that while they like they're part of a minority, and move on.

Aceman18152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I believe its 69 now, I also love how MC counts scores in 50s as mixed hahaha

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Aceman18153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Wow lol, this last streak of exclusives really doesnt scream buy me console wise.

Come on MS show me what your working with.

shaggy2303153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


Its now got a metacritic score of 72, not a huge rise, but a rise all the same.

Plus the game currently has 18 positive reviews, 15 mixed and 2 negative.

What I love at this site is that when God of War was getting a fee mixed reviews, they weren't real reviews, they were just clickbait. But when an Xbox game gets positive reviews, they are also obviously clickbait and cant be trusted.

RpgSama153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

When you have over 150 really, really positive reviews and between 5 to 10 mixed to negative reviews something is off, when out of 35 reviews 15 are mixed and 2 are negative you know that the game clearly has its issues even though it's enjoyable

galmi153d ago

N4G logic is awesome...

Mr Lahey153d ago

God of War only has good reviews on MC. Not one mixed review..

No Way152d ago

Funny how that works, at? 😂

Prince_TFK152d ago

You are so right with this one. These people can’t process in their heads that people have different taste in game when it comes to reviews.

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FallenAngel1984152d ago

@ Eiy & shaggy

Now it’s back to 69

shaggy2303152d ago


A 69 on Metacritic for a game that costs £25 is pretty good, and no doubt all the little bugs will get sorted.

And that's the point, this game costs £25, can we really expect AAA quality from a game that costs £25? I really doubt that Microsoft made the budget the same as something like Halo 6 or Gears 5.

FallenAngel1984151d ago

The cost of a game should never be an excuse for how low its score is

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corroios153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

he must have played another game to give a 9 to this.... A near perfect score...

Aceman18153d ago

There is no way in hell this mediocre game could be MS best game, because if so damn this website has some very low standards for what the best games are.

GortJester153d ago

All these people claiming both sides and practically none of you have played it yet... calm yourselves with the mightier than thou attitude until real people have played it

salmonade153d ago

If this game is one of their best yet, then they're in more trouble than we thought. Things are not looking good for this game. I'm going to steer clear. I just Eurogamer's review and they paint an entirely different picture.

PhoenixUp153d ago

This author thinks this game is one of Xbox One’s greatest titles? 😂😂😂 28514;🤨

81BX153d ago

It's all subjective. Relax there Mr. Always right!

Unreal01153d ago

You're in full in defense mode bud 😂

152d ago
badz149152d ago


bugs are bugs!

81BX152d ago

Defense of what? Personally the game sounds average to me. But since it's a MS title I should say it's complete crap? The guy likes the game.... so what?

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DJStotty153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Thats what humans on planet earth call an "opinion", just like eurogamer and any other website that reviews the game.

To make your own "opinion", play the game and judge for yourself. Dont let a website, or a persons subjective "opinion" dictate what you do or dont play/buy.

No matter how many negative/positive scores this gets. Ill still be playing it on gamepass

GortJester153d ago

Sorry DJStotty, logic and reason left N4G a long time ago...

Prince_TFK152d ago

Haven’t you heard? People aren’t allowed to have good opinions around here without ton of disagrees when it comes to Xbox, Switch, and PC gaming.

WeaseL153d ago

Think there trying for free advertising on the accolades trailer

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