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When I was playing the original State of Decay, there was one resounding feeling I had about it. I enjoyed it, of course, but I felt like it could have been so much better had it had co-op.

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zerocarnage154d ago

Is a good read. I was watching some action last night from the youtube videos and never once noticed any bugs from the single player to the co op, I hope that what you may of experienced is an isolated issue.

I pre ordered yesterday and just brought the 40gbp pack straight out.

I am highly looking forward to the game although I was concerned with co op as there is one thing I really hate what some co op games do. Mercenaries did it and so does ark on co op and that is the barrier that tethers people together to force the others to follow. This would of been the perfect game for everyone to go there own seperate ways if they choose and get things done, if they choose too. Having players concentrating on the same task and forcing them to follow the main player does annoy people eventually, rather than allow them to go there seperate way and do there own thing and do wonder if they can change this and would be willing to..

Despite my feeling about the tethering I am still looking forward to the game. I seen enough of the game to make me realise that this is possibly the best and closest thing I will get to play that is like the walking dead. Survivors huddle together to beat the rotting in coming death of either disease or being chewed to pieces as well as fighting against other gangs who are not entirely bad who are just trying to survive in the world but savageness grips a person and trust is no longer there.

The game could be really Good, especially if the devs support state of decay 2 with tons of content and other modes.