Riot Games Character Artist Shares Her Own Take On Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart

In anticipation of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Riot Games character artist Blair Armitage shared her own take on the game’s heroine Tifa Lockhart with some highly-detailed pieces of fan art.

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DivineAssault 155d ago

Tifa Lockhart.. My first waifu.. This 3D model is really nice

KiRBY3000155d ago

She's gorgeous, that guy did an incredible job. I wonder how she's gonna look in the remake.

BlackOni155d ago

If i'm not mistaken, it was a woman who made this. So "that lady did an incredible job." Not to be "that guy," just wanted to clarify for all those reading <3.

I agree though, she did an incredible job!

SuperSonic91155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Them boobs!
Should Lara Croft should have taken this bombastic direction?

Btw better than any current Nomura designs

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The story is too old to be commented.