Heroes of Handheld 217: Sony OFFICIALLY ends the PS Vita & Early Mario Tennis Aces Access!

This week on Heroes of Handheld:

HQ Trivia ups its Uk prize payout

Sony ends production of Physical Vita games (thanks Kotaku)
StarDew Valley comes to Vita (PS Blog update here)
Pokemon Go announces their May community day
Monster Hunter comes to Switch

Nintendo announce a New Nintendo Switch charging stand

With E3 on the way, rumours are abound about Retro Studios (thanks Nintendo-Insider) and the Switch Pokemon titles

Mario Tennis has a Story Mode trailer, and details on the Open Tournament at the start of June (thanks JapaneseNintendo) and tournament details

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IamTylerDurden11132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

How many headlines have said "VITA is dead" over the past 4 years? It's unfortunate that physical game production will cease but the system really isn't dead when games are still releasing on it. Stardew Valley, Bloodstained, BS Curse of the Moon ect coming to VITA. I play my VITA everyday. In preparation for Death Stranding i'm running through the MGS Collection on VITA. It's wonderful to play Snake Eater on the go. In preparation for God of War i platinumed God of War 2 on VITA and after R&C 2016 i played Going Commando on VITA. The handheld can serve a beautiful purpose if you let it. Darkest Dungeon, Salt & Sanctuary, DQ Builders, Axiom Verge, Severed, Bastion, World of FF, Iconoclasts, Rose in the Twighlight. There have been excellent games that've come to VITA in recent memory. It hasn't been as dead as people think.

porkChop1132d ago

New games releasing doesn't necessarily mean the system isn't dead. New games get released for the Dreamcast every year, and that system is dead as dead can be. Hell, the Mega Drive still gets new games.

The Vita market has slowed significantly over the years, and game sales are way down. Developers are moving to mobile and the Switch, because that's where the gamers are. At this point, when people say the Vita is dead it's not hyperbole anymore.

I get that it's a beloved system, and it has a dedicated userbase. But at some point people need to start being realistic about the Vita's situation.

Apollosupreme1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

My Vita died a few years back and I opted not to replace it but I was a day one gamer. After the first year or two there was a constant flow of "is the Vita dead?" threads coming in.

I was a digital gamer almost exclusively on the device and I think a lot of gamers were. The Vita is dead when they shut down the online store.