Take-Two Delays "Highly-Anticipated" Game to FY2020;Expects Record Year Due to Red Dead Redemption 2

Take-Two disclosed its latest financial results, which are defined strong mostly thanks to microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto Online and More.

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Eonjay156d ago

Is it just me or does it feel like today was a bunch of news about delays? Even if indirectly here.

RacerX155d ago

Saddest news was that Take Two made RECORD PROFITS because of GTAV micro transactions.

Gamers aren't pushing back. Micro transactions are just our new way of gaming. Sad.

yeahokwhatever155d ago

Yeah. Not only that, but the MTs RUINED GTAV. It's entirely pointless to even log on. They insist on showing everyone on the minimap in order to PROMOTE griefing because everything of any value in GTA can be purchased with real $. Griefing leads to anger, anger leads to rage purchases and orbital strikes. The whole thing is stupid. I'm real iffy about even giving them money for RDR.

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DillyDilly155d ago

Probably trying to curb disappointments from nothing at E3

3-4-5155d ago

what other games ?

2018 will be loaded in the back half of the year anyways so some getting pushed to 2019 makes 2019 a stronger year than it already would have been.

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-Foxtrot156d ago

You'd think they'd just make an online based new IP similar to the online in GTA Online so they can focus even more on the single player for games like GTA or Red Dead while the newly created game would rake in the multiplayer money. They could just continue that one IP for like an entire gen, updating it until next gen comes around.

The brand name goes beyond GTA, Red Dead and the's Rockstar. Put "Rockstar presents" before an announcement and you've automatically gained attention. They have the brand power, money and resources to make a massive online focused new IP game and to keep that game going for a full gen if they wanted. Just my thoughts,

Phunkydiabetic1156d ago

Yeah you know what? I think they are doing pretty good, I doubt they need financial info from some random N4G user.

-Foxtrot155d ago

I doubt I have to listen to some off topic random N4G user...

ScootaKuH155d ago

Yeah you know what? Last time I checked it wasn't illegal for someone to be able to have their own opinion. At least he was offering something to the actual topic which is more than you did

WilliamSheridan156d ago

Im pretty sure that MP game you speak of already exists in GTAV Online

OhMyGandhi155d ago

and I am pretty sure you didn't read Foxtrot's comment.

No Way155d ago

I don't think most people do.

WilliamSheridan153d ago

Nope, I read it. Why would they make a new IP, when essentially GTA Online is its own thing already...

Kabaneri156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Such a shame that we most likely wont get GTA6 this gen.

DivineAssault 156d ago

I think this pace would work perfectly.. These games cost a crap ton of money and take time to create.. Id rather have a red dead then GTA each gen.. That way it doesnt get stale.. If they could only chill on the MT tho

Prince_TFK155d ago

We used to have many other games in between from Rockstar such as Bully, The Warrior, Midnight Club, and Max Payne. I miss those kindda games from Rockstar.

The 10th Rider156d ago

Hell, at this point we probably get Elder Scrolls this gen either. I bet both will release cross-generation early in the next generation though.

Kabaneri156d ago

We definitely will NOT get Elder Scrolls this gen if all the rumors about Starfield are true.

Abriael156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

They're making way too much money with GTA Online, and will probably make too much money with RDR2 online going forward.

stefan_771155d ago

I think we will see it toward the end of this gen then a next gen port a year later

Razmiran155d ago

It might come out on mid 2020 and then be ported to the next gen in 2021 like they did with GTA 5

DivineAssault 155d ago

Thats probably whats going to happen.. If we do see it this gen anyway.. I thought there were leaks a while back for a new bully game too

Razmiran155d ago

Its weird, RDR2 is their first game in 5 years. But before GTA 5 they put out a game per year for a long time

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porkChop156d ago

Definitely Borderlands 3. Which is fine, though they'll be competing with Rage 2 next year. Both games will likely release between April and June to get away from the big holiday shooters.

IamTylerDurden1156d ago

If it's BL3 then i really lost respect for Gearbox.

IamTylerDurden1155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Borderlands 2 released in 2012. If Borderlands 3 releases in 2020 (i know FY 2020 could be 2019) it will be 8 years since Gearbox developed a new Borderlands and the sequel that EVERYONE wanted. An entire generation might go by without a Borderlands sequel. Presequel released 2014 only on last gen and it was developed by 2K. The Remastered Collection was nice but c'mon. We got filler like an inferior spin off via a different developer , a remaster, and a Tell Tale game when we really just wanted BL3.

Gearbox lost touch with reality and disrespected the one thing that made them relevant, Borderlands. They didn't want to be known as the Borderlands studio and they poored everything into a weird moba shooter instead of doing BL3. They just really seemed like they wanted to separate themselves from Borderlands and it was disrespectful to the fans.

IamTylerDurden1155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Look at what Gearbox did after the massively successful BL2 in 2012.

2013 - Colonial Marines
2015 - Borderlands Remaster
2016 - Homeworld (published)
2016 - Battleborn
2016 - Duke Nukem 20th
2017 - Bulletstorm Remaster (published)
2018 - We Happy Few (Published)

They even pimped out the brand to Tell Tale and they let 2K develop a spinoff rather than actually make the sequel everybody wanted. With all that activity Randy couldn't sneak in BL3 to the schedule?

Do you really question why i have an issue with how GB handled the franchise? Seriously? People disagree? I love Borderlands and every year i hope to see BL3 at E3. Gearbox mismanaged the brand and lost some fans.

moomoo319155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

You hit the nail on the head with ur explanation

Unreal01155d ago


Yeah I agree. Great explanation.

TheGoodestBoi155d ago

Yeah we might have had BL3 already if they hadnt wasted their time with Battleborn

dumahim155d ago

So long awaited sequels lose respect for the developer? They sure do seem to sell pretty well when the developer takes their own sweet time and releases a kickass game like God of War or GTAV.

I mean, I get it. I want BL3 done too, but they wanted to work on other stuff. As long as the game is awesome when we get it, I'll be fine.

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