From a Former Trophy Addict: Turn Off Notifications

Into the Spine: "I’m addicted to feeling a sense of accomplishment. It’s the one thing in life that makes me feel important and that I actually have a purpose as I fumble around on Earth. Very little is more fulfilling to me than successfully ticking something off my to-do list. Ultimately, I live for the thrill of knowing that I’ve achieved something through my own hard work. While this mindset is undeniably great for productivity, it’s completely counterintuitive in other parts of my life.

For example, my attitude of needing to achieve something wound up bleeding into my main source of entertainment: gaming. If I was playing through a game, it wasn’t enough to simply enjoy my time with it. No, there was a list of tasks I had to complete in the form of trophies and achievements. What should’ve served as an optional way to have fun quickly became a necessary accomplishment if I wanted to feel like my time spent with a title wasn’t a complete waste."

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morganfell180d ago

To a former Trophy Addict: No.

littletad180d ago

I don't understand the point of this article. "I want to get away from the world, life, and just ghost. So I turned my settings off on my ps4. And by the way, you should too." (and somehow trophies are involved)

Goldby180d ago

i ttunred off all my notifications, so nice having a clean screen

UnHoly_One180d ago

Yeah I turned off achievement notifications about a year ago and it’s so much nicer.

TomatoDragon180d ago

No thanks. I like trophy hunting.

salmonade180d ago

Real trophy whores fascinate me so much. I'm in awe of them. To look at all their Platinums amaze me. But I also feel sorry for them. A friend on my friends list has spent so much time on games that he hated, just so he could 'tick it off his list and get it too 100%'.

Chaosdreams180d ago

Like anything there's a threshold between enjoyment/dedication and addiction. If your friend is playing game's he hates just for a plat, then you're right to feel sorry for them.

Eidolon180d ago

I only go for trophies in games I will enjoy, most of the time won't bother with the plat if it's a hassle, move on to the next game I paid for and if I ever feel like a plat, I have some already completed games. I try to get as many missable as possible even if the plat requires 2 playthroughs, so on my second run i don't have much to look out for.

admiralvic180d ago

I guess, but it makes sense when you really think about life and/or non-achievement based achievements. Without going into too many things, I can think of countless times I've gone above and beyond for a pointless reason in real life (doing a great job cleaning at work instead of a satisfactory) or just collecting everything because I can.

What I find truly fascinating is the whole culture and mentality for two distinct reasons, cheating and value.

In the culture it's widely believed using a save file to unlock trophies is cheating, which is not something I disagree with, but exploiting the game and essentially doing the same thing is not. This is a fascinating choice, since you can exploit something and get it, but using a save exploit is wrong. I've also seen Hakoom, someone who claims to be the top legitimate player, say he never cheats and offers tiresome explanations about any irregularity (using picture-in-picture with multiple systems connected as he plays two games at once is somehow more believable than someone else playing for him, but I digress) and has admitted to using a fan to platinum Singstar, which is also, somehow, considered legitimate. From there, several places will consider multiple player accounts legitimate, even if it's essentially a different version of save loading, with the vast majority of people viewing boosting as fair game, even if it defeats much of the purpose. Now, I'm not saying save loading should be viewed as legitimate, since I'm not, I just find it funny they draw the line there, but you can do other exploits, use fans, have other people play or outright boost things and be viewed as legitimate.

The other is value, since I've always viewed trophies/achievements as a way to show off doing impossible tasks, where as the reality is more, you have X platinums or Y gamer score, so you must be awesome. Even if they come from Telltale games or by rushing though multiple visual novels, this is somehow as impressive as platinuming something like Ninja Gaiden.

Eidolon179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

It's not a dick measuring contest for me, it's more of a way to share achievements with my brother and friends for the games we have in common, if they want to know what i did it get it, I can try to remember.. lol. PS3/360 is pretty easy to hack trophies, but it's freaking boring and just as time consuming if you ask me, and also very risky.. I'd rather play the game and hone my puzlze solving skills, hand-eye coordination, etc., and enjoy a good story and get lost in it. Like I said, I don't get put much time into a game I won't enjoy, next.. People who cheat their trophies are cheating themselves.

FloydianAndroid180d ago

I’m no better than this guy. My whole reason for not having a switch is because it doesn’t have trophies/achievements. Even though that’s dumb of me, it would probably be a good idea for them to add some form of achievements/trophies. They cant even figure out voice chat or online services though so that won’t happen.

rainslacker180d ago

I don't spend as much time in some of the games I"ve played on Switch because of the lack of trophies. For BOTW, I worked through the game, and maybe 1/3 of the side stuff, then really saw no reason to keep going on.

I enjoyed the game well enough, but just lost interest because if I ever turn the game on again, it'll be to finish it again. No need to get to 100% without any added incentive.

Eidolon180d ago

Definitely would have a Switch if it had an achievement system.

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