Sony Failed the PlayStation Vita

It’s amazing that it took this long for news like today to break. News that physical copies of PlayStation Vita games would cease production next year. While the PS Vita’s untimely death has been imminent for quite some time, we’re finally now starting to see the beginning of the end unfold.

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IamTylerDurden1182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Haven't people been saying this for years? I find it hilarious how many articles/people over the past 4 years have claimed that "the VITA is dead". Idk why people adhere to this huge agenda to see the VITA be unsuccessful and die. It has honestly been like this for many years. People were ready to kill off the VITA two years after launch. It feels like people took the bait that was put out there in promoting hate for the VITA. There was clearly an agenda and it worked.

Yes, memory cards were expensive, get over it. The Switch has overpriced games and controllers yet people accept it. VITA was easily the best and most powerful handheld for years with games like Golden Abyss, AC Liberation, Soul Sacrifice, KZ Mercenary,Gravity Rush, Tearaway, LBP, MLB, NFS, P4G, Oreshika, Freedom Wars, Toukidan, Mortal Kombat, SF x Tekken, Injustice, Arkham Blackgate, Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, RE Revelations 2.

Kribwalker182d ago

there’s no agenda. It’s just that the vita is the xbox one of handhelds. Sony magic a few bad decisions and moves at launch (memory cards for one) and sales suffered because of it, so sony has stopped supporting it.

IamTylerDurden1182d ago (Edited 182d ago )


There has been unexplained hate for the VITA since basically launch. Memory cards were expensive, but that isn't reason enough to bash the handheld. It really wasn't the Xbone, it was the most powerful handheld by a mile until Switch. It has a phenomenal library and offers cross play, cross save, and cross buy. If there wasn't an agenda then the hate is unexplained.

Sony supported VITA for years. Why would they continue to waste resources on a system that people won't support. It was up to the public to support the system after launch and they didn't. If VITA sold more in North America than Europe and Japan VITA would've been a success, but instead it never sold in North America. VITA sold well in Japan and decent in Europe but the North American numbers were always anemic.

Knushwood Butt181d ago

Tyler pretty much nailed it, but I will add that gaming media hated on Vita too.

UCForce181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

@Kribwaller Wow ! You are really hate PS Vita with no reason, aren’t ya ? The problem with PS Vita is the overprice memory card. But PS Vita is an awesome handle and Sony put a lot of effort into that device. And Tyler just summarizes perfectly.

Vegamyster181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

It was marketed poorly and support pretty much dropped after two-three years from Sony. Yes it had some gems but are how many other bigger IP's that will drive sales? The PSP in comparison had two exclusive GTA's & GoW's, FF7 Crisis core, FF Dissidia, Metal Gear Solid, Socom Bravo Team 1, 2 ,3, Monster Hunter, Killzone, Gran Turismo, LBP, Ratchet & Clank, Daxter plus many others.

You can blame the media all you want but it's hard to be positive towards something that Sony themselves stopped supporting, it's their job to prove them wrong & give us the consumer a reason to grab one. The media was negative towards the 3DS it's first year as well but it didn't stop Nintendo from putting out heavy hitters to turn things around, here is a couple of examples.

Kiwi66181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Odd how you leave out the company that made the thing even though it was Sony that stopped supporting it a few years after it released and left it up to 3rd parties yet you are putting the blame on everyone else

Septic181d ago

"People were ready to kill off the VITA two years after launch. It feels like people took the bait that was put out there in promoting hate for the VITA. There was clearly an agenda and it worked. "

LMFAO! Again??? First you blamed people for the FF7 remake possibly being delayed and now you're blaming people again here for having an agenda against the VITA?? Lol what?!!!

"VITA was easily the best and most powerful handheld for years"

So why did it fail then? Pray tell, explicitly, why did the VITA fail.

Skull521181d ago

I liked the Vita as hardware but I never really found any amazing games for it. I think it failed because of phones having pretty decent gaming capabilities and you didn't need to go out and get a handheld to get your gaming fix anymore.

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Kribwalker181d ago


i don’t hate the vita for no reason and i don’t how you got that from my comment. I made 2 legit points as to why it didn’t fare well

1) the ridiculous cost of over priced memory cards that were there for no other reason but to gouge people, like really, they could have implemented SD cards at a fraction of the cost. These memory cards drove up the price of an already expensive system (more expensive then the home consoles at time of release)

2) Lack of support. Sony stopped supporting it with first party titles, and essentially it became an indie box/ remote play device. Nobody wanted to pay the high price of entry for that.

So where is my hate for no reason?

rainslacker181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Except as pointed out, people hated on the thing since launch. I can understand the disappointment a few years in, but early on, all many people did was say the system had no games, how they wanted more games, how there wasn't any big console like games on it, even when Sony made those for them. Even when Sony gave them these things, people said it wasn't enough.

I can understand people complaining about the memory card prices, I did as well. But there was indeed a lot of unwarranted hate for it from day one. Now you seem to be giving them grief for stopping support for the system when you've been saying for at least a couple years how the system was dead and should just go away. What is Sony supposed to do at this point?

They stopped making the system for release in EU and US last year because the sales couldn't support it. They still support the SDK and update the system regularly. They'll still have digital games for it, but I'd imagine with the Switch picking up steam, by this time next year, the Vita will be an afterthought to most developers, and likely to many consumers.

Sony failed with the Vita. They couldn't get significant 3rd party support. They couldn't strike fire with their first party efforts. They over-priced their memory cards. They had a convoluted content manager to do anything data related on the system. They gave up on the system too early. Their marketing while decent early on, was cut short.

As a vita owner I can completely accept that Sony screwed up the system, but I'm not oblivious to the fact that the system did indeed receive a lot of undeserved hate, and that many people completely ignored or discredited what Sony did right with the system.

chris235181d ago

sorry, but can you spell „tax evasion maneuvers“? not everything is as it seems. the vita was a calculated fail. global players do this then and when.

TheColbertinator181d ago

Sony destroyed gamer confidence with the Vita. I will never trust them again.

UCForce181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

How is that exactly ? People hate PS Vita with no goddam reason except overpriced. it was the most powerful handheld by a mile until Switch. It has a phenomenal library and offers cross play, cross save, and cross buy. If there wasn't an agenda then the hate is unexplained.

Sony supported VITA for years. Why would they continue to waste resources on a system that people won't support. It was up to the public to support the system after launch and they didn't. If VITA sold more in North America than Europe and Japan VITA would've been a success, but instead it never sold in North America. VITA sold well in Japan and decent in Europe but the North American numbers were always anemic.

Team_Litt181d ago

You literally just copy pasted what IamTyler said. What's your deal guy?

UCForce181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

@Team_Litt “Sigh” Yeah, sorry. It just that I didn’t sleep enough and my eyes are tired. In short, I ran out of words and I have nothing to say. That’s why I feel like hypocrites idiots for a moment.

Prince_TFK181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

People didn’t support the 3DS at first but Nintendo didn’t give up. They still keep on releasing games for it and it became a big success for them.

Point is, Sony has a history of abandon their hardwares once it is not selling great like the PS Move and now the PS Vita.

Null1980181d ago

Well Tyler, now we know that UCForce has been your alt. Lol, you let it slip with your copied words.

But yea, you know I love my Vita. You see me on it a lot. I really don't have a lot of gaming time these days for my consoles, but I can always grab the Vita for some quick game sessions.

I've loved some games. There were some great exclusives, even some that people don't mention like Little Big Planet Vita, Toukiden (before it went PS4 also), Soul Sacrifice Delta, and Hot Shots Golf (which I guess may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I've always loved the series.) and many others.

I've started getting into some more niche Japanese games that I had never tried. I'm starting to love Demon Gaze, Akiba's Beat is an enjoyable rpg so far (Akiba's Strip isn't my thing).

Some titles that come out on both PS4 and Vita I have bought Vita just because they were fit for mobility. Dragon Quest Builders looks and plays so well on the Vita! Same with World of Final Fantasy. When the remastered version of Bard's Tale was released, I play it Vita (crossbuy)... I loved it back on the PS2, and honestly the remaster doesn't look great on a big TV screen but is perfect for handheld. There are a number of others I'm forgetting. Grand Kingdom I'm having fun with after getting it on PS+. Dragon's Crown. OdinSphere Leifthrasir. Disgaea 3 & 4. Tales of Hearts R. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines was a hidden gem I would never have known about if it weren't for PS+.

So yea, I can see where some of these titles don't appeal to that large of an audience. It would have been nice to get some bigger AAA titles too, so I understand that side of it. Always wished for a Gran Turismo, as the racing choices are slim. WRC games are fun, but graphically lazy. Need For Speed Most Wanted wasn't bad. Mod Nation Racers Vita was a great kart racer. Sonic Allstars Transformed too.

For me personally, I've loved it and still love it. I'm fine with digital purchases. I hated paying the price to import a 64gb. Ugh. Ultimately, Sony could have done A LOT better and I'm sad about it because I do agree it's a great system with flawed decisions and poor 1st party support.

Null1980181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I also can't wait til Stardew Valley FINALLY gets released on Vita this year. I already own it on PS4, so I'll get it for free since it's crossbuy. It's a time sink game which really lends itself to mobility, so aside from the Switch version, in my opinion it will be the second best place to play it. The slimmer Vita actually fits in my pocket though. (had to replace my older fatter Vita after I dropped and killed it.)

I also forgot to mention that I still use it for Remote Play. Not all games lend themselves well to it bc of the lack of L2, R2 except for back touchpad. (I never have gotten the 3rd party button add-ons) But certain games are good for streaming. We have fairly fast internet at 130mbs which works well. I can understand people with slower internet not enjoying that functionality though. I've streamed it from my inlaws about 15 min drive away & it worked well. Their internet is even faster than ours.

Septic181d ago

Lol so you were Iamtyler after all this time. The fake Vietnamese typos....LMFAO!!! The cult's circle is complete.

gangsta_red181d ago

Wow, alts always expose them selves sooner or later.

I always thought this was a joke account and now it's confirmed.

IamTylerDurden1180d ago (Edited 180d ago )




Otter was clearly joking, hence the "lol". I don't have any control if someone copies my post. I'm asking people to lookout. If you see Krib, Septic, Gangster, or anyone perpetuating this damaging lie i'd appreciate if you reported it and contacted the administration.

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Apocalypse Shadow181d ago

Sony did okay against Nintendo's continued portable dominance on the market and the rise of modern cell phones.

But your comments reveal yourself

*Microsoft is the best maker of consoles on the market. When I need true 4K graphics and 60 FPS on all games,I am thankful for the power of the X.*

Yeah. You're definitely unbiased.

WilliamSheridan181d ago

Liking the most powerful console doesn't make you biased... I love my X. I also love my Pro.

Although I have to agree that saying Microsoft is the best maker of consoles on the market is definitely a stretch...

bluefox755181d ago

"60 fps on all games"
He's also full of it, lol.

G3ng4r181d ago

^ Yeah. 60fps on far more games than ps4 is more accurate.

MarineLineman181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I mean clearly gamers don’t have confidence in Sony; look at how horribly the PS4 has done! /s

Come off it dude. I’m willing to bet you never even owned one and were a part of the crowd that booed it and wanted it to fail from the start. Stop pretending like this is why you don’t like Playstation; you don’t like Playstation because you established that mentality in yourself long ago. If Sony didn’t boost a person’s confidence with how they turned the PS3 around, then there’s simply no pleasing that person. Doubt it matters though. 80 million PS4’s sold, and counting, I don’t think Sony is concerned with trying to appease people like you lol

rainslacker181d ago

Well...I'd be hesitant to buy a new hand held from them. I wouldn't mind them trying again though. They are doing well with PSVR. They are doing great with PS4. exception to a rather decent history of support. Even the move back in the day had plenty of 1st party support. Nothing I'd play, but at least they made games for it.

Overall, my faith in Sony hasn't been shaken because of the Vita, mostly because they are delivering big time on the PS4 front. They moved all their development over to PS4, and who can blame them when even when they tried with the Vita, so many people acted like it wasn't enough. The Vita struggled in sales because they dropped marketing, and allowed the "no games" narrative to persist. Coupled with not resolving the issues that people had like the content manager and the memory cards.

UltraNova181d ago

I'm always surprised how much weight a persons opinion carries after a brief read of their past comments. Hint, not that much...

Seriously TheColbertinator? You of all people cant trust a Sony product? Oh my the shock...

rainslacker181d ago

If you read closer, you'd see he gave his reasons for it. Most of it is because of old things that Sony proper did, and most of the rest of it is the same thing that other company or publishers do, and his company of choice, MS, is even more guilty of.

RosweeSon181d ago

Did they I bought mine a year or so after launch when it was cheaper and was more than impressed don’t use it much these days but great little system shop around memory cards/games can be found on the cheap ps+ was giving me free games for the system each month anyway and then PS4 came along. Confidence most definitely restored if anyone has destroyed the gamers confidence it’s Xbox with its 4 years of averageness no games but don’t worry crackdown 3 is coming out this year?! Maybe possibly not 🙄

JackBNimble181d ago

You mean like how MS did with the Xbox one?

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MarineLineman181d ago

What’s crazy is that despite coming out more than 5 years prior, it still offers a lot more features and functionality than Switch. I really liked Vita when it first came out, and played a lot of its best games. It’s a shame how quickly it fell, but I’m also glad that Sony moved on from it and got their studios to focus solely on PS4.

Team_Litt181d ago

Those features and functionalities did not all exist out of the box. It took years to get all of them as it does any console.
Switch will gain more features as time goes on, for now it's nailing what Vita couldn't, game support from it's parent company.

ZeekQuattro181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

People love pointing out features another system have but also love ignoring the fact that a lot of those features they tout didn't come until months or years later. That's whats truly crazy.

MarineLineman181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Really? Vita had native voice/ party chat day, trophies day 1, optional paid subscription service with free games day 1, internet browsing day 1, customizable backgrounds and themes day 1, and media apps such YouTube and netflix day 1. Even if some of those weren’t available on launch day, they were definitely available within a few months at the latest. Switch has been out for well over a year now, and despite all of Nintendo’s “updates”, next to nothing about it’s UI has changed. Outside of its games, Switch is the most dry barebones piece of hardware released since the GBA.

G3ng4r181d ago

Yeah, outside of its games lol. Vita had persona 4 golden. Keep pretending that sony loves you.

shingojacky181d ago

What has it got to do with the Switch? Jesus Christ...

MarineLineman181d ago

The fact that PS Vita failed, but was a brilliant portable device that holds up very well to new portable hardware that is considered to be top of the line. Vita did quite a bit by comparison.

Travis3708181d ago

How many times will people write a post about the Vita? it's dead get over it and move on. Both the Vita and Wii U are mistakes that both companies wish to forget.

Araragifeels 181d ago

Next year, Vita would officially be dead but as of now, unofficially dead by the people who doesn't own it.

G3ng4r181d ago

Nes and snes are getting megaman carts in september. Still not dead I guess.

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