Nintendo: Ripping Off Their Customers Since 1990

It's a crazy time for gaming, where Nintendo's resurgence has been completed to such a degree that a four year old side-scrolling platformer (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) is able to come second in the all formats chart only to God of War, one of the best-reviewed games of this generation, and ahead of Far Cry 5, another well-received blockbuster in a mammoth series available on three formats. That wouldn't be so surprising, after all, since Nintendo's franchises have always (quite rightly) attracted excellent player support. But Tropical Freeze has been released at an incredible £49.99 RRP - yet it still went to number one on Nintendo's own eShop. A significant number of people bought it at that price.

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Nyxus208d ago

It is a bit surprising to see these Wii U ports sold at a higher price than the original games when they first released.

Neonridr208d ago

I think DK might be the only one so far, but I might be mistaken.

wonderfulmonkeyman207d ago

Well, for those that have owned a Wii U, sure, it might be.
But for those that didn't, or for new Switch owners that haven't even heard of some of them?
The price will probably look typical of any other AAA title, which isn't off-base.

KwietStorm207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

So if game A is new to person B, then it isn't an old game for anyone, and the new-game price tag should still apply to everyone? Because.. Nintendo?

wonderfulmonkeyman207d ago

So when Nintendo does it, it's suddenly a horrible thing, but whenever anyone else on any other console does this, you ignore it?

No, dude. Not "because Nintendo". Because it's a smart business decision that others have also made in the past; games getting re-releases for full price, when previous versions didn't sell so hot, is not unheard of.
Especially now, when they've got a high-selling system to put the games on.

KwietStorm207d ago

Ignore what? We're talking about a Nintendo game on a Nintendo system here, and there is a clear disparity in the pricing. I'm only using your own logic about a game (possibly) being new to someone, so that makes the same or higher price ok for everyone. But if you want to look at remasters and even full remakes on other platforms, like Shadow of the Colossus, they don't come full price anyway.

SuperSaiyanGod41207d ago

Damn all this time I'm thinking this is a new game. Some people make it look like these are fresh new ip's. I still find it funny how Zelda last year won game of the year but the same game that released on Wii u was like a ghost by the game media. I don't get it.

TekoIie207d ago

"Some people make it look like these are fresh new ip's."

You thought Donkey Kong was a fresh new IP?

"I still find it funny how Zelda last year won game of the year but the same game that released on Wii u was like a ghost by the game media. I don't get it."

What does that even mean?

SuperSaiyanGod41207d ago


I'm just wondering how did the same game that won goty last year go unnoticed when it released on the Wii u? I mean it has nuttin to do with this but I just don't understand how the same game that has a 97 metacritic went under the radar when it released on the wii u? Where was all the praise from that version?

deafdani206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Zelda BOTW was released at the same time for both systems. What did you want people to do, give GOTY to both versions or what? Lol.

The Wii U version has got a 96 on Metacritic. I really don't see your point here.

SuperSaiyanGod41206d ago


ahh I see, I never owned the Wii u so I didn't know it teleased at the same time. Was just wondering how TF did this go by without me not knowing but that makes more sense now. Thanks for answering my question.

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DialgaMarine207d ago

My best guess would be it’s the cartridge format. More expensive to produce, but then again I somehow doubt the costs of porting DKTF over was all that expensive, even with the added Funky Mode.

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FallenAngel1984207d ago

Nintendo doesn’t believe in releasing budget price games, which is jarring since NS is a hybrid platform that should cater to both audiences yet no games are released with handheld-esque pricing from them.

wonderfulmonkeyman207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

"Nintendo doesn’t believe in releasing budget price games"
Nintendo Selects.

Also, there's been a lot of E-shop sales lately.
Also, the prices are obviously catered towards its home side, since Nintendo's treating the Switch more as a replacement for the Wii U. The 3DS, not so much.

Zeldafan64207d ago

I definitely see that Mario and Luigi game being the final Nintendo published title on the 3ds next year but that means Nintendo supported the 3ds for 8 years!!! Can't complain about that.

RosweeSon207d ago

Nintendo selects has some of their best games on their systems at half the price. Sure it’s not on switch yet but I guess playstation 4 launched on day one with its platinum range oh wait they stopped their platinum range luckily PS4 games are normally dirt cheap on their various digital sales Xbox doesn’t have a platinum range and they charge £59.99 for their games on their store.

FallenAngel1984206d ago

@ Roswee

Games drop in price so often on PS4 & XO that it doesn’t need a budget line. Plus you can more easily find games on discount physically on those platforms than on NS.

wonderfulmonkeyman205d ago

The Switch E-shop literally has a category for games on sale.

FallenAngel1984205d ago

I’m talking more in terms of permanent price cuts for first party games rather than weekly sales

wonderfulmonkeyman207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Well, most of these games didn't even reach a very wide audience back on the Wii U.
People might consider it scummy, but the reality is that the Switch is giving these games the second chance they needed to get closer to the sales they deserved, and a lot of people didn't own a Wii U and therefore either don't know about these games, or will be owning them for the first time on Switch.

Just look at Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; last I checked it has already out-sold its initial release, and the Switch is only a few months past its first birthday.

Ask yourselves; in Nintendo's shoes, as a business, would you pass up the opportunity?
I doubt it.

Would I love it if these ports were cheaper? Sure I would.
It would mean I'd own more of them.
Do I expect it?
Not at all. They're worth the price, and not many have played them.

But a lot of current-day Switch owners aren't going to have owned a Wii U, nor played these games, so to them, these are literally new games that they haven't experienced before, which I'm sure justifies the price tag, in the eyes of a business owner that has employees to pay and projects to fund.

Concertoine206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

"not many played them" - except MK8 sold 8 million on Wii U before it came to Switch.

They're not new games. We know it and so does Nintendo. There was a time when the Wii got gamecube ports too - they cost 29.99. You can't expect anything to get better when you are more ready to say "they're a company, they have to keep the lights on" than "that's BS". Since launch i've seen the progression of greed:

Mairo Kart 8 Deluxe: launched at 59.99 with a new battle mode and all DLC. 49 wouldve been nice, but ok.
Bayonetta 2: no new content, but the inclusion of bayo 1 is still nice and youre still getting two games for 59.99
DKCTF: minimal new content, and costs 10 dollars more than it did on Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Fair enough on tropical freeze, but you're forgetting that compared to MK8, it's a perfect example of what I said before; not many played it.
Cherry-picking the obvious winner in MK8 doesn't make my statement false, and from a business perspective, having these games on the system for full price is the obvious choice, especially when they're trying their hardest to please investors that are probably still feeling a bit of the sting from when the Wii U flopped on them.

Nintendo's not the only one to have done these kinds of pricing practices, but no one gets criticized as harshly as Nintendo for doing it, which strikes me as distinctly stupid.

septemberindecember207d ago

I think the comparison to State of Decay and Ori are a bit disingenuous. Both of those games are made by independent studios. I think a better example (regarding Kirby: Star Allies) would be Knack 2. Sony priced that incredibly competitively, and it's also a brand new title.

RosweeSon207d ago

Knack2... it’s also pretty average and coming off the back of a first game that was dribble. Released at a lower price, of course it was very few would have paid full price

GameBoyColor207d ago

All these wiiu games are great and im happy to see them getting the support they deserve with this 2nd wind.

RosweeSon207d ago

Even better they’ve nearly done them all so we can get back to brand new games that blow majority out of the water. Zelda and Mario have gone down a storm roll on the new games.

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