It's official, the next Battlefield game will be revealed on May 23rd, will be called Battlefield V

Last week, we informed you about a possible reveal of the new Battlefield, which appears to be called Battlefield V according to an EA Dice developer, will be revealed on May 23rd. And today, comedian actor Trevor Noah confirmed that Electronic Arts will host an event on May 23rd in order to reveal its new Battlefield game.

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Crazyglues154d ago

Holy shit, this is real, this is happening and I am now too pumped, can't wait for May 23rd... OMG!

Newmanator154d ago

I hope they have a game mode where 100 players start on a map and it's a bitter fight to the death until 1 is left standing. They need to separate themselves out more from other shooters

Derceto154d ago

Let me get my chainsaw, so I can cut through some of your brilliant sarcasm. lol Thumbs up.

Crazyglues154d ago

@ Newmanator

that's actually a really good idea, I like that.... that would be badass...

TheVetOfGaming154d ago

The only battle royal I'd be interested in really, but would still buy it used seeing it's an EA game.

AmstradAmiga154d ago

It would make PUBG redundant that's for sure.


I hate to be that guy... but BATTLEFIELD would wipe the floor with PUBG if they even tried BR imo, at least Frostbite is better optimized while offering more. We know this game will have a BR mode and with an open mind we all know the game mode is still "Fresh" compared to most and I would like to see what DICE can do with it :)

Sevir153d ago

Isn't that a Battle Royal mode? How is that any different from PUBG and Fortnite and every other shooter and 3rd person multiplayer that's about to unveil that mode at E3?

Skull521153d ago

Why is this turd promoting it? I thought he was against gun violence?

Skull521153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Now that WW1 is out of the way I'm pretty sure I can like Battlefield again, as long as they are going forward in time from there and not the civil or revolutionary wars. I hope if it's older they retain historical accuracy to the best of their ability. To have a good Battlefield game you really need to have at least WW2 technology, WW1 just didn't do Battlefield justice.

I just hope to God it isn't a sci-fi future setting.

subtenko153d ago

Or have the same modes FPS have always had but just increase the player count to 100.....

morganfell149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

"Why is this turd promoting it? I thought he was against gun violence?"

Money + Hypocrisy = Hollywood and Media Elites.

Do as I say, not as I do.

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AngainorG7X154d ago

Hopefully a direct sequel to Battlefield 4 with a modern setting

isarai154d ago

I think it will be, usually any taking place in older times say so in the title

BadElf153d ago

You know it will be "Battlefield VV W 2"....with the "V W 2" slowing appearing when they reveal it

UltraNova153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I like this ^^ guy, nice theory.

I want a Dice made BR mode and for that to work it needs to be situated in a modern setting. So yeah BFV could be a sequel of sorts to BF4.

Kabaneri154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Yes please WW1 & WW2 are incredibly boring and depressing for multiplayer FPS. Cant unlock weapon attachments or dope camos its just like WTH am I grinding for?

crazyCoconuts154d ago

I like BF1 a lot, but man I miss the helos and skyscrapers

XabiDaChosenOne154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Yep bf1 was nifty but I missed all the gadgets and automatic and burst fire assault rifles.

madforaday154d ago

That is exactly what is wrong with MP nowadays. People need some reason to unlock things, something to grind for, or a rank that only goes up. It is a shame. That is why I liked BF 1 so much, you still had some unlocks but not too much or hard to do. You also had way less attachments. That made people use different weapons instead of using the same weapons with the same attachments.

I miss when MP was about getting better with amazing game play.

getbacktogaming153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I only play for campaign and BF4 and BF3 were kinda forgettable... whereas I would go back to BF1 over and over! But that's just me...

kitano1947153d ago

"unlocks" "dope camos" "grinding"

Kids these days eh, You would never have survived the original counter stike

BrettAwesome153d ago

Flying was awesome in Battlefield 1, until they messed with the balancing, and AA guns could wreck you from almost an entire map away

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Femto154d ago

I hope it's modern day too, some people are saying it could be Vietnam but I just want a modern setting like bf3/4. The weapons in these older settings suck ass

boing1154d ago

I really hope it is too. And if it's V than it has to be, right?

Silly gameAr153d ago

I hope so. Imo, Battlefield 1 was the most boring Battlefield that I've played. I missed the modern setting.

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PapaBop154d ago

My love for Battlefield vs my hatred for EA... hopefully they'll do something smart like announce no MTs at launch but this is EA after all.. I'll keep my expectations in check and hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

isarai154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

if the MTs as tame as BF1 was i'd be ok with that, but even if you hate a publisher, at least support good games if they make one. that's pretty much the only way they'd listen to what players want.

PapaBop154d ago

I'll always support great games but as Battlefront 2 shown, a great game can get dragged down into a poor game when a publisher's greed invades the core game design.

Newmanator154d ago

Agreed they were very tame

1-pwnsause-1153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

thats exactly my problem right here.... EA...or how EA takes great IPs and destroys them...

isarai154d ago

pretty much the only thing that comes out of EA that i consistently like (except for BF3 that was pretty meh IMO)

Lovable154d ago

This franchise is not dead yet? Goodness

Femto154d ago

It's not dead because you don't play it

154d ago
nowitzki2004154d ago

First time I have ever even heard anyone say that, or even think that fr. Where did you get that bright idea?