Horizon Chase Turbo Dev: PS4 PRO’s Polaris Features Helped Achieve Native 4K With 4xMSAA At 60FPS

Aquiris also discusses bringing the game to Xbox One "as soon as possible".

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darthv72154d ago

I play this on my Galaxy phone. To see it on a bigger screen and use a real controller is much appreciated.

DeadSilence154d ago

Gaming Bolt it´s ok to let go, how about some other news instead of specs specs specs.

Alucard_420154d ago

gamingbolt hard on for MS is so funny, this game does not required that much to be good looking, yet you have to mention how much more powerful the X is. just write an article about what the title is about.

Kiwi66153d ago

The guy was asked about it coming to Xbox so xbox is part of the topic for this article or shouldn't he answer the question

Alucard_420153d ago

So then the title should of been named differently, that is all the point I am making. If i write an article about XBOX and the title is about XBOX why bring up PS4 in, it goes both ways. it is just gamingbolt is pro MS if it weren't for that I probably would of been whatever.

BrettAwesome153d ago

I bet the guys at Gamingbolt will suck anyone off, if they're offered a couple more clicks

Mulando153d ago

Lol, are they really proud they could that game running in 4k on a PS4 pro?
Even the PS4 should be able to run this @4k.