Press Start: God of War made me appreciate my dad more

Kratos and Artreus’ relationship in the newest God of War reminded Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee of his relationship with his own father.

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MoneyMeng156d ago

If i took a video game for you to appreciate your dad....(not even gonna say anything).

Goldby156d ago

read the full title, appreciate my dad more.

emphasis on the more part, meaning he already appreciated his dad

N8156d ago

Being a dad made me appreciate my dad more.

Jinger155d ago

"God of War made me appreciate my dad more"
"God of War made me a better dad"

"God of War made me want to strangle my son if he ever mouthed off to me like that ever... little punk ass thinking he the shit once he finds out he is a god. Boi needs a good smack to get him back into shape."

N8154d ago

I'm just getting to that part in the story now. I wanted to mute his annoying ass when he started that. They did a good job

Jinger154d ago

I wanted to give him a little push off that lift going up to the mountain top lol talkin shit on his mom and everything