16 Tips to Conquer the “Give Me God of War” Difficulty Mode

16 tips to conquer the "Give Me God of War" difficulty mode: the combat team at Sony Santa Monica shares techniques and tricks for finishing God of War's greatest challenge.

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goathouse774247d ago

Getting good at whipping the axe at enemies that are powering up is a good skill to couple with Atreus's arrows (which you should be spamming constantly).

Being patient. Turtling is very effective in this game, so when you're under duress, either escape the fray or turtle behind your shield. (Then explode into action on vulnerable or powering up enemies.)

Learn the moveset. What moves chain together well. How long do they take to pull off safely. Be very careful to study the criss-crossing shoulder button moveset, as it gets very easy to jumble your fingering when cycling through everything you can do with those buttons.

Think broadly, act decisively.

goathouse774247d ago

The Vals are tough, but ultimately it's just patterns, so patience wins the days, eventually.

quent247d ago

Yep, it helps going into SoulsBorne mode