What Sony's E3 Plans Says About the Future of PlayStation

On this episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, Joseph and Kyle talk about Walmart Canada's E3 PR Nightmare. Bethesda shows off Rage 2's new look, new studio, and the games second chance at greatness. PlayStation's E3, might have showed gamers insight of when the PS5 will be announced. Is Days Gone, finally coming together? Zone of the Enders Remastered lands on a crowded September. Boss Key Productions Closure, and what happened. Sony ends the Vita's Physical game production. Lastly, the gang talks about why the idea of "console wars" are stupid.

Walmart ruins E3: 6:08 - 16:03
Rage 2 Came out of Nowhere: 16:02 - 27:00
PlayStation’s E3 Announcement mean a PS5 is Closer than we think? 27:03 - 40:48
Zone of the Enders Remastered 40:49 - 42:14
Boss Key Productions is No More 42:14 - 55:50
Rest in Peace Vita: 55:50 - 01:00:29
Why the Idea of a “Console War” is Dumb 01:00:30 - Fin

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IamTylerDurden1155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Every Sony studio has an announced game they are working on or have recently released. This is why there won't be many splash announcements at Sony's E3 presser. I'm not sure it's an indication of the future, it's just that a ton of great games either recently released or have already been announced. People will moan about Sony's press conference but the proof is in the pudding. Look around you, PS4 is stacked with games and there is still a list of killers on the way. Not only that but Sony is supporting VR as well. Sony is absolutely delivering right now on games, i hope people take that into consideration after E3.

joab777155d ago

Don’t know why ppl flipped out. I think it’s just a presser to put the focus on their strengths. Until E3, we will talk about Sony and their exclusives....which we knew would be there.

Then when they hit us with a couple surprises...

TGG_overlord155d ago

Sony's future looks pretty bright if you ask me.

DivineAssault 155d ago

Everything says to me that "theres no end in sight for amazing exclusive titles" from them..