Shenmue III Pushed Back To 2019

From GameWatcher: "Deep Silver are announcing a lot of delays today. Unfortunately we have to report that Shenmue III has been delayed, and it will now release in 2019 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4."

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Community252d ago
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Geobros252d ago

I hope to see it for Switch too!

Artemidorus252d ago

No more delays for handhelds.

DigitalRaptor252d ago

I don't think you're going to see an open world game of this caliber on Switch any time soon. SEGA didn't even bother producing a Switch version of the HD collection.

Neonridr252d ago

this caliber? Are we saying this rivals open world games from other studios?

gangsta_red252d ago

This calibur? A Kickstarter open world? I can definitely see this rivaling RDR 2.

What YouTube star gave you this factual information?

MrMagz252d ago

Pretty sure Breath of the Wild had a bigger budget and a bigger open world than Shenmue 3 has, so I'm not sure what you mean by "this caliber".

DigitalRaptor252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Just look how pathetically salty gangsta_red is here just because I said a perceived positive about Shenmue III and something realistic about the Switch and open-world games that run on it. Well I'm not at all surprised, he's been spreading BS about this game from the day it was announced.

Of course it goes without saying that I'm referring to an open-world game with the production values we've seen already from this game.

Not a game that looks like a Wii U game (Breath of the Wild).
Not something that looks stuck in the midpoint between PS2 and PS3 (Xenoblade Chronicles 2).
Not something from last generation (Skyrim).

Just look how awfully facetious and disingenuous you are by mentioning RDR2 when I didn't even come close to making any comparisons to a game of that size and scope (for obvious reason), and the reason why most open-world games are missing the Switch is because they don't scale well for the Switch either in terms of performance or graphics. But I considered that was obvious.

YouTube star? What nonsense are you talking about? My praise of the Shenmue series has turned you absolutely bonkers and primed to pounce on anything I say about the game. Oh and it's "caliber" try reading it right instead of rushing into a hateful tirade of misguided nonsense because you have an axe to grind.

@ Neonridr

On the Switch in terms of graphics, absolutely. That is what I was getting at. Sad that everyone seems to be conveying my comment as relating to quality, when it's obvious and I already know that Switch already has quality open-world games available to it.

@ MrMagz

I'm talking about graphics and performance dude. Capability of the platform.

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georeo252d ago

Not to say it's not coming at a later date, but stop with the port begging. It's already being released on ps4, Xbox pc! So get it on one of them platform's.

Araragifeels 252d ago

Won't happen since PlayStation is funding the game. So you will only be able to play it on PC or PS4.

Christopher252d ago

PlayStation isn't funding the game.

georeo252d ago

My bad for some reason I was thinking I was reading the hd version of 1 and 2 lol

Araragifeels 252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

@Christipher PlayStation Partner up and funding Shenmue III. and

TheCommentator252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Araragifeels, try reading past the headline:

"Unfortunately we have to report that Shenmue III has been delayed, and it WILL NOW RELEASE in 2019 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4."

Notice it says Xbox One? Who is agreeing with you, anyways?

Araragifeels 252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

@TheCommentator, try reading past the article:

"Unfortunately we have to report that Shenmue III has been delayed, and it will now release in 2019 for the PC and PlayStation 4."

Notice that the article doesn't mention Xbox One? Who is agreeing with you, anyways?

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GamingIVfun252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Not announced to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC only, so far. Someone needs to change that.

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Nyxus252d ago

Not surprised to be honest, at least there is the HD Collection to tide us over.

sssb252d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm about to say.

2pacalypsenow252d ago

Yeah it's not a game for everyone.

I just finished another playthrough on My Dreamcast.

343_Guilty_Spark252d ago

I had the original Shenmue in DC, and although the graphics were amazing overall it was a very Boring game.

DigitalRaptor252d ago

@ 343

Aha... so basically you just told us that you only played the first game, which is a much slower paced game than its sequel and is just a shadow of the game that Shenmue II is. That is a real shame. Hopefully you give Shenmue II a chance then when it comes out again later this year.

DigitalRaptor252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Do you mean the first game or both? Because Shenmue II is one of the best sequels and one of the greatest action-adventure games of all time.

I'm sorry you feel this way. What Shenmue aimed to achieve in '99 is not necessarily easy to appreciate if you were brought up in the era of instant gratification and open worlds that somehow have to be full of perpetual action to be considered interesting. Given that Shenmue is an adventure game, it should feel like one, and over the course of two games and 60-odd hours it genuinely does.

I would say that it's an acquired taste and if you had the mind to appreciate it at the time Shenmue was something very unique, and no game since has captured it's magic. It aimed to make some of the mundane and daily tasks exciting to really put you in the shoes of the main character and to contextualize his journey and his plight, and it succeeded.

I think it would be more constructive to hear your thoughts on Shenmue III considering this is what the article is about.

gangsta_red252d ago

It was very boring. With so many open world games I don't see how this one is going to get any appeal from gamers. Especially new gamers who don't even remember the first two games.

GamesMaster1982252d ago

Because this is not really for new gamers or casual online kids. That's why it started with the Kickstarter to see if the fan's really wanted it. And it beat most other kickstarter records within days. This game is for fans of the series simple as that. If anyone does not like an excellent story in their game, then this is plain and simple not for you.

gangsta_red252d ago

"If anyone does not like an excellent story in their game, then this is plain and simple not for you."

Then I guess no one will like this game then. But hopefully they'll add meaningless jobs that you'll have to work continuously.

DigitalRaptor252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

I guess that's why they're releasing the first 2 games again, to get those kinds of people more interested.
Did that really, really not at all occur to you?

You say that you don't see how this game is going to get "any appeal" from gamers because of "so many open world games", yet you can say this about absolutely every genre that becomes saturated in this market and yet plenty of niche games find their audience. You also say that as if the average gamer is looking at Shenmue III and saying "hey that's an open-world game, so I'd better not buy it because it's too similar to these other open-worlds", even though if you actually claim to know these games, you'd know that they're nothing like the checklist action-fuelled open-worlds that you're trying to say will take away its appeal. It's actually quite the opposite, this is the kind of diversity that gamers crave. No Shenmue games feels like any modern open-world and in that it has its own flavor. The Yakuza games continue to garner appeal despite other open-worlds existing.

I'm confident that you know all of this though. It's blatantly obvious by now what you're trying to achieve in Shenmue comment sections, and I sit here smirking. You really just want to dig at this game every chance you get whether it's trying to get people to share in your opinions of it as being "boring" (which you're entitled to of course, but adds nothing to and only derails the discussion), or calling out the latest in-game screenshots as "bullshots" because you thought an indie Kickstarter game wasn't capable of such visuals, and didn't care to actually research into a game that simply disinterests you, but you still care enough to hate on it due to your perpetual irritation in what I say about it, given it was one of the games that you got quite agitated about when I said it helped Sony "win" E3 2015 and make dreams of yonder year come true for so many. That was the day when it became obvious this would become a thing, and I would continue to make comments like this. Personally, I've begun to absolutely love your criticism for the game because it is creating a pattern ;)

Edit: Oh, and I've just noticed that I've reached my comment limit on this article, whoops. No further response from me then!

gangsta_red252d ago

"Did that really, really not at all occur to you?"

You seriously believe that a niche game from the Dreamcast/OG Xbox era is going to get anyone interested?

"...yet you can say this about absolutely every genre that becomes saturated"

No you cannot and stop fooling yourself if you think a game called Shenmue that had to be kick-started can. This market may be saturated but it's no where near the point of having a game like Shenmue being a breath of fresh air or the variety people crave.

The game may have been a wonder when it first released but even then it had problems and it was extremely boring and since then we have had open world games that are better and bigger and have a world wide appeal something Shenmue will not have. Yakuza is 100 times better and maybe the game will just be nothing more than a carbon copy of that.

"It's actually quite the opposite, this is the kind of diversity that gamers crave."

Lmao, I love how you start making up your own marketing for games you have never seen or played. I remember you did the same for The Order when you claimed it had multiple paths, CQC Fighting Action that changed outcomes and other absolutely ridiculous bs that was never in the game, because you heard someone on YouTube say it or just straight made it up.

You've been absolutely shilling this game from the beginning and more power to you if you like it but please don't sit here and get upset when others don't share your enthusiasm of the game. Not everyone has Rose colored nostalgic glasses for this game and we remember the shit time we had with it.

And I am humbled that you actually think I have a plan or I'm trying to convince others by leaving my opinion. It really makes me feel special but unfortunately that's not the case.

But it is funny to see you get so mad at me for doing this as you go around leaving your own opinions on certain games you hate.

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HaveAsandwich252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

it wasnt when it was released though. once youve had crack like overwatch, fortnight etc., these games do feel boring. II was better, I was just ok.

SegaGamer251d ago

Overwatch? Fortnight? I would play Shenmue over these games every single time.

Gunstar75252d ago

It was ahead if it's time in terms of ambition, but it hasn't aged well at all.

nowitzki2004251d ago

Master troll. Almost there pal, the day you guys start getting paid for trolling you will be one of the wealthiest trolls to live. Never give up on what you love.

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Doughhead252d ago

There was no way this way coming out in 2018 and anyone who thought it was coming was just kidding themselves.

franwex252d ago

Yeah. Didn’t think so either. You’re 100% correct.

Eidolon252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

If was fully funded from the get go, then 2018 isn't a stretch for a 2015 June announcement.. but sure, they don't have the budget to pull off a 2018 release.

Si-Fly252d ago

But they do have the budget to fund another year of development? 😂😂😂

Eidolon252d ago

You pump more money into the development, it's going to come out faster. The creative work and story is probably already done.

Relientk77252d ago

Wait it was scheduled for 2018? No way did I think it was coming out this year.

Doughhead252d ago

It just said 2018 on most sites

The 10th Rider252d ago

Originally it was scheduled for December 2017 and there were people who got upset if you said it would never hit that.

isarai252d ago

Yeah this, might be wrong but i dont remember seeing any 2018 window mentioned officially from the team

The 10th Rider252d ago

It was originally scheduled for December 2017 in the Kickstarter campaign and then it was delayed to the second half of this year. What Suzuki said is “We are moving ahead with a plan to release the game in the second half of 2018."

isarai252d ago

AH! ok, Could just be that i always felt like this was going to take a few years right off the bat so i never payed much attention to release date info on this. as soon as it was announced i was pumped but realistically wasn't expecting it till closer to 2020. these games take time, and at the time of announcement production hadn't even started